Clouds, Sun and Wallets #SimpleLittleSunday

Simple Little Sunday! Let’s do this!


  • Julia had change left and really wanted some mints and kept looking in her wallet and eventually found money
  • Nico had to work a lot with his grandfather outside the other day and it was really sunny and hot, but then clouds came and it was actually really nice
  • Leila and Julia caught a turtle
  • Leila got to hang out with a friend
  • Fred the salamander got fried – sadness. Sally is still alive though, so there’s that
  • Wendy won 2 out of 4 of her All Star games (softball)
  • Wendy got a principle roll in hairspray as the principal – this was the source of a lot of confusion with principle vs principal
  • Julie saw little baby birds in a bird house in her back yard and the mom feeding them
  • This story:
  • Leila left her phone on top of the car but it never fell off! (this happened a while ago but with Tim’s story she had to share.)
  • I didn’t have to do anything yesterday and had a great day sitting by the pool and hanging with friends.
  • I ran my first 5k on Friday and felt GREAT! I actually jogged the whole time, which surprised me.

So that’s our list, what’s on yours?

Sidenote: if you’re confused about our picture, watch this:



It’s no surprise to anyone who’s close to me that I’m completely bored with life right now. Call it a waiting period, call it the bus stop, call it the edge of a cliff, call it whatever you want. My life feels stagnant and like I’m not moving forward.

Some days this feels like it’s killing me, and other days I’m ok with it. Knowing that other people are in the same place is helpful, but the fact that it doesn’t change anything isn’t.

So the other day I decided to make some changes in myself. I’m calling it Jess-2.0


Since then, I have joined GoodReads and already finished two books! Granted, I only had about 70 pages left in one and 60 left in the other, but still. I accomplished something! I moved the book from “reading” to “read” and that’s something. I also realized I’m reading about 4 books right now, and I’m about to start a 5th, but whatever. Each book serves it’s own purpose. Sometimes I feel like being encouraged, sometimes I feel like learning and sometimes I just feel like getting lost in some fictitious world for a while. So those books will stay where they’re at. Tonight I’ll be starting Single Living. It’s about a 32 year old single girl who lives in Boston – I think I’ll be able to relate.

I also started doodling/drawing thanks to Jessica Latshaw and her suggestion to create something – anything. It’s nothing extravagant, mainly putting pictures to lyrics or quotes that I like, but it’s fun. See?


Yes, that’s Sara Bareilles. Yes, I’m obsessed. Yes, we can move on.

I don’t know if the next thing I start will be zentangling, yoga classes, zumba classes, voice lessons or something else I haven’t figured out yet. Maybe there’s a beach volleyball league I can join. But one thing is for sure, I have to change SOMETHING up. And if it’s not location or job, maybe one of these will do the trick. Put a bandaid on the wound for a bit until the next chapter starts.

What are some of the things you’re doing or have done to entertain yourself when life just seems blah? I’m open to suggestions.

#SimpleLittleSunday a Couple Days Late

I was in Jersey visiting my gram this weekend so I wasn’t around for SLS. Tim took over again, and luckily for him Reed and Michael weren’t there so he didn’t have to harass them for information.

  • Julia got straight A’s! And she found a four-toed salamander and looked it up – it will grow to be anywhere between 5-10.2cm
  • Leila had her last day of school!
  • Julie’s family thought it was going to rain for her brother’s graduation and they’d have to have it inside but it cleared up and they had it outside and it was beautiful
  • Tim found out one of his favorite bands was playing a free show outside in Providence and had an incredible time
  • Christi (she helped Tim out in my absence) went night swimming at her friend’s lake on Monday and got to spend the day at the beach on Tuesday.
  • I had some great quality time with my gram and cousin and got to take home some pretty sweet heirlooms.
  • I also got to take half of Friday off and hang out with my PIC (partner in crime) at her pool AND see My Julie, her Eric and their 3 kiddos
  • I also got to hang out with a friend and her husband who moved to NC a few months ago

What’s that? You’re wondering where the group shot is? This is all I have to say for that…



So there are 2 more SLS’s for ya – cookie dough and cupcakes.


Dumb question, but, have you anything to add?

Shady Pines of Lakewood

Where to even begin.
I’m visiting my gram this weekend with my mom, which is always a trip and a half, but today we took her to visit a friend (Little Betty) at a nursing home. You guys. We were dying.

We couldn’t find her anywhere, the lady is a pip. So we sat down while the staff looked for her and people watched.

G – I don’t see her. Do you? At this age they all start changing.
J – They all start to look the same?
G – They all start to shrivel up!
Side note: gram is 87

Little Betty is 94 years old and sadly is starting to lose it. She remembered my mom and gram, but not me exactly.

LB – Jessica?
J- HI BETTY! Because you have to shout. Because everyone is deaf.
LB – You got so big!
LB – Not saying you’re fat. Because you’re not. That’s not what I mean. But you used to be this tall.
LB – And you’re beautiful too! Not saying you weren’t. Because you were. That’s not what I mean. But you’re still beautiful.

She also thinks she’s going home…which is apparently Newark, not Lakewood. And every song that was “played” was her favorite. And she told us about how her mother and father came to see her, to which my gram leans over to me and says “if she’s 94 then her mother is, what, 200?” Oh Rose.

At one point an old man sat down at an organ and started “playing”. And I say “playing” because I’m convinced it’s one of those organs that plays by itself. My first hint was the fact that a 5 piece band was coming out of it…my second was that the man wasn’t moving all that much. But people enjoyed it and clapped when “he was done”. One man even started dancing! With his walker! I took some crappy video but I can’t figure out how to upload it here from my phone.
JULIE!!!! HELP!!!!
Just trust me on this one for now, it was hilariously adorable! I loved it! I tried to get my mom to go dance with him (her idea, not mine) but she wouldn’t do it.

We only stayed for about 20 minutes and when we left LB followed us out explaining that she used to be able to walk around but now if she goes past the curb they come after her. Considering they couldn’t find her when we got there, I don’t think they watch the door as closely as she thinks they do. But that’s not necessarily a bad thing.

Auditions, Food, Friends & School #SimpleLittleSunday

It’s Sunday!

You know what that means!





  • Julia auditioned for 7th grade swing choir and got in!
  • Wendy tried out for Summerstock (a theatrical camp) and is hoping she’ll get a lead role, more on that to come. Welcome to our suspense!
  • Leila got to see her cousins who she hasn’t seen in a long time
  • Max had his semi-formal and got to hang out with his friends he never gets to hang out with
  • Nico has been working hard at brining his grades up and he brought World Languages up to a B
  • Julie is done with full days of school
  • Tim woke up on Monday and decided it was going to be an awesome day. And it was.
  • Also, the World Cup
  • Tim is thankful for his Dad *cough* suck-up *cough* Just kidding 🙂
  • Yesterday, Max went to his sister’s friend’s aunt’s (lol) pool and got to go swimming, they ate taco pizza and his crappy goggles were replaced for the day by awesome ones
  • Today Max is going to Olive Garden with his dad and family
  • It rained on Julia’s field day so it turned into gym day and she got to play super cool “[two] minute[s] to win it” games and her class designed the shirt that won
  • Friday was Julie’s last ever day of gym
  • Julie was nervous about going to NYC for a week in the summer but is excited now
  • Leila made a play on tiramisu (not a theatrical thing)
  • Last friday Wendy went to Lake Compounce and she’s terribly afraid of roller coasters. One of her friends made her go on Boulder Dash. She’s still scared but she thinks she likes them
  • Wendy went to see Million Dollar Arm and it was the best movie…well, behind Divergent…but it was a really good movie
  • I chased a dollar bill down the street and won
  • I got to spend time with a friend I haven’t had QT with in a long time
  • I got to have dinner with these girls who mean the world to meImage


What about you?

11 Reasons My Life is a Chick Flick

Of this I am certain. Some days I’m more aware of it than others, but the more I look back, the more surprised I am that a film crew hasn’t popped out from behind some bushes screaming “CUT! THAT’S IT! WE GOT IT! THAT’S A WRAP!”

  1. There are the countless times I find myself having a dance party for one, usually while I’m cooking or cleaning, and I’m usually using something as a microphone – a hairbrush, a spoon, the remote; basically whatever is in my hand at the time. Of course, in my mind, it’s so much more than me in front of my mirror looking like a crazy person and thankfully (for the potentially hidden camera crew) I’m typically dressed for these outbursts.
  2. Then there’s the numerous times I’m completely oblivious when a guy likes me. People usually have to tell me, and even then there’s a good chance I won’t believe them. And if I do believe them, regardless of whether I like the guy or not, I become hella-awkward. It seems to be a great time for all involved.
  3. Pretty much any story I can come up with from my crazy ex roommate.
    • The time she tried to set me up with “the perfect guy” by listing every quality she could remember about me and showing me what looked like a picture of a picture of said man
    • The time I woke up to loud laughter in the living room at 3am. Apparently it was James Franco…cuz, y’know, they were dating
    • All the messes I had to clean up, including (but not limited to) her cat’s litter box, the garbage on the back deck because some animal ripped into the bag that shouldn’t have been there in the first place and crumbs from pretty much everything
    • The time I confronted her because she took things from my room without asking and ruined them
    • All the times I had to hound her for money
    • The time she bashed me to people she didn’t know I was friends with…and bashed said friend’s brother at the same time

    I could continue, but I won’t.

  4. Then there was the time I decided to stop straightening my hair.

    Patrick: So, what part of the chick flick is this?
    Me: What?
    Patrick: Your hair. I mean, it looks good, but I’ve never seen you wear it like that before.
    Me: Uh…the part where she says “screw it!” and embraces her natural crazy hair?

  5. I’ve been on some pretty bad blind dates.
    • One guy must have driven to Starbies thinking to himself “what are all the awful things about me? I’m going to pull every skeleton out of my closet as possible tonight”
    • We can’t forget the guy who was overly excited about everything
    • One guy flat out told me I was intimidating…not exactly what a girl goes for
    • One held my hand across the table at a restaurant. I’ve only ever been comfortable with that once, and even that shocked me
  6. I’ve been on some pretty great dates too
    • I met one guy online and the first time we met we went to batting cages. He brought me a flower that he picked from where he worked (huge points) and held it in his teeth to prove that he indeed was the man I was meeting. I, in turn, did a cartwheel to prove my identity
    • I’ve been taken to sporting events (major league and minor league) where they’ve had to deal with the fact that I’m a crazy, boisterous fan…because I love sports
    • One guy took me to a few of his secret spots where he goes to think or just be. I got to feed ducks in one of those locations
  7. We can’t forget about the number of formal dresses I have from weddings. You know the phrase  “always a bridesmaid, never a bride”? Or how about the movie 27 dresses? As soon as I saw that movie, I accepted it was going to be my life. I’m up to about 12 right now, and I only foresee that number growing by the end of the year. At least I’m not up to 27…and at least none of them look like this:
  8. kissed a girl and I liked it
    OK, this one probably needs a bit of an explanation. I was at the casino for my PIC’s birthday with her bf and his best friend. I have no idea what started this conversation, but I heared her say “Jessica is beautiful! I would totally kiss her!” …and she did. Much to the shock and amusement of the guys we were with.
    It’s a special moment we’ll all share in our hearts for years to come.
  9. I’ve been known to enjoy karaoke with my friends.
    With alcohol or not, I rock the mic SO HARD
  10. The slapstick 
    Oh, the slapstick. Just yesterday I was jogging with a friend at about 650am when we came across a dollar bill on the street. I quickly stepped on it and joyfully picked it up. She looked forward an saw another one and went for it…but the wind kicked up…and we wound up chasing a dollar down the street trying to step on it, while a guy in a truck and a school bus watched. We eventually won, but not before almost dying of laughter
  11. The simple fact that I may be single, but I have the best friends and family in the world who do ridiculous things with me and for me

I’m sure there are many other reasons why my life falls into this genre, and I really wish I could remember them all. I need to start writing stuff down, because one day there just may be a movie about my life.

Life Is Beautiful – #SimpleLittleSunday

I was at church today but I had to leave early because my mom and I went to see Damn Yankees (the Red Sox version) at the Goodspeed Opera House – more on that later – so Tim had to fill in for me with the youth. Here’s what they’ve got:


  • Max went to Relay for Life and had an amazing time. And instead of getting his neck sunburned, which it always does, it got tan
  • Julia met her dad’s girlfriend’s daughter and it was a great day and they had a lot in common and they both like singing
  • Leila got a brand new phone from her dad
  • Julie went for a walk on a trail on Saturday and it was really beautiful and a beautiful day
  • Nico was cleaning out his grandparent’s boat this morning by himself and wished someone was there – right then a bird came and landed right in front of him
  • Reed and Michael didn’t know about SLS, Tim explained it to them but they couldn’t come up with anything. Apparently they were let off the hook til next time – CLEARLY Tim is nicer than I am haha. Be warned boys! No more freebees!
  • Tim had a feeling something cool was gonna happen last night and then found out some of his best friends from a different state were here last minute

As for me?



  • I had a great afternoon with my mom, Damn Yankees was HILARIOUS. I seriously have never laughed so hard at a musical in my life. I completely lost it at the end.
  • I had three different friends, on three different days, encourage me and speak life when I needed it, and I’m pretty sure they had no idea
  • I made some serious progress with my room thanks to Christi d’Albenas’ help
  • I got to hug the stunning Elizabeth Jandreau (and baby) today
  • Today is B-E-A-UTIFUL


What’s yours? This isn’t a rhetorical question guys, it’s legit. I really want to know how God is showing you that He loves you! I know you’re reading this, so gimme something!