Dreams, Birthdays, Jobs and Vacations #SimpleLittleSunday

Favorite Emoji Face!

Favorite Emoji Face!

  • Alyssa had her first ever sleep over!
  • Julia went to Chloe’s birthday party and she got to hang out with Alyssa.
  • Chloe got a bike for her birthday.
  • Breanne was asked to sub at the YMCA. She was supposed to get instructions but she never got it so she did some stuff she thought of and then played games because they had time.
  • Julie went to Panera and saw a friend she hasn’t seen in a long time.
  • Grace went to Breanne’s house and pulled sticks.
  • Leila is going on a second vacation with her friend. Two vacation!
  • Max hung out with a girl who he hopes to be his girlfriend – they’ve been texting hearts with each other – clearly this is a sure thing.
  • Shane had a dream. There was a figure sitting on the other side of the blinds. It was speaking to him but he couldn’t hear it. He woke up and felt good. 
  • Caleb didn’t finish 7th grade BUT he got into high school AND culinary AND band – no one is in culinary when they’re a freshman, but he is!
  • Savannah is in the process of buying a motorbike because her car was totaled by her father.
  • Nico is taking UCONN music theory 2 in high school.
  • Reed is going to New Hampshire for vacation.
  • Christos bleached all the aprons at work by mistake and instead of getting fired his boss thought it was funny and he still has a job.
  • Ben finished driver’s ed on Friday.
  • Tim ALSO had his birthday this week and one of his friends learned how to play happy birthday on the guitar and came to play/sing to him.
  • Dave and I had eating favor in Mystic yesterday. We were seated right away for a drink before dinner (didn’t have to wait over an hour like everyone else) and then we found a restaurant LITERALLY right around the corner from the center of Mystic, had NO wait and within 5-10 minutes the place was packed.
  • Also, Alyssa came to class!! We’re so excited to have her with us!

Travel, Work, Food and Six Flags

– Wendy got over her fear of roller coasters at Six Flags.

– Julia’s dad and Angela came home from their honeymoon and they all got presents.

– Chloe’s cousins came over.

– Ben got more hours at Subway.

– Christos got more hours than Ben at Pizza Works.

– Grace didn’t die at Six Flags.

– Reed got a car.

– Breanne and Grace were in line for food at six flags and the lady tried to give them a discount. It didn’t work. But it’s the thought that counts.

– Tim’s friend is in a band that got big and he got to go see them for free.

– Luke went to Subway for the first time with his mom.

– Julie got treated to froyo by Breanne.

– Leila got to hang out with Emma all day.

– Caleb went tag saleing (is that even how you spell that?) and he got a new mug.

– Scott went to NYC and saw Blue Man Group.

– TJ got here safely.

– Alyssa got mints yesterday. She loves mints.

– Brittany is seeing her friend from Utah tomorrow. 

– Lorraine works with someone who likes to say the F-word a lot. She doesn’t like that. The woman got moved so she doesn’t have to listen to it anymore!

– I got everything for our invitations and got crazy discounts on them as well! 

Coupons, Jobs, Family & Friends #SimpleLittleSunday


 – Caleb got to see his grandparents for the first time in a year.
– Grace went to Maine and got ice cream.

– Max had his birthday party yesterday and they had a lot of fun.

– Breanne went shopping and a stranger gave her a coupon.

– Katrina got to hang out with friends she met at orientation.

– Christos got a job at Pizza Works.

– Chloe got to see her cousins that she hasn’t seen in a long time.

– Wendy went biking and on a trampoline with friends after camp.

– Julie got paid to mow the lawn.

– We picked up our rings this week.

New Phones, Family, Trips and Friends #SimpleLittleSunday

– Nico’s computer has not been working. He sent it out and it’s fixed now. 

– Tiffany went to the movies to see Max with her friends…not our Max. 

– speaking of Max, he got his ticket for six flags and he got $105 for his birthday.

– Julia’s dad and step mom are on their honeymoon so Cassandra is watching them and they’re having lots of fun. They went to Harkness and Mystic Village. And she got all A’s and B’s on her report card.

– Ben got a new phone. 

– Julie went to a graduation party on Friday. 

– Grace saw some really cool fireworks with guys that wanted bbq sauce. 

– Christos’ family is home.

– Caleb moved back to America and he got a new phone.

– Julia was playing with seniors as a freshmen on the soccer team and the coach said he’s never seen a freshman play with such confidence before.

– Breanne isn’t a very neat person. She cleaned out her purse and found $75! And she got a makeover in NYC from her friends. 

– Scott’s leg doesn’t hurt anymore so he can play 100% in the Allstars. 

– Wendy got a new phone too. 

– Leila’s friend came to church today. 

– Reed saw Rush in NYC. 

– I had to get up super early to field emails from overseas for work twice this week, but that allowed me to leave at 12:30pm one day and sit by my pool. I will gladly start emailing at 4am while still in bed if it means I can leave early and sit by the pool!