Fall Stuff, White Pants and Field Days #SimpleLittleSunday

Photo on 10-18-15 at 12.11 PM #2

  • Chloe looked cool because she got to wear a cast.
  • Gracie had a sleep over with Grace. She’s not supposed to wear cotton for a trip and she found a bunch of stuff at Goodwill that is cotton free.
  • Leila went shopping for homecoming.
  • Julia slept over her friend Emma’s house last weekend and worked on their project. They finished 6 days early.
  • Wendy went on a manufacturing field trip and got to go to a field hockey game at the high school.
  • Christos had homecoming last night and it was lit…apparently that means it’s good.
  • Livia got to hear the new songs at church this morning.
  • Ben got new white pants.
  • Alyssa went to the mall and she saw a family friend and found out she’s pregnant!
  • Bethany got new shoes that were on sale.
  • Grace went to the corn maze with Julia, Gracie and Chloe and they got lost.
  • Brittany got her permit!
  • Adam is a Junior and they won field day.
  • Caleb had field day on Friday – nothing academic and all play. It was probably the best day of school.
  • Josh got a new phone.
  • I ordered a gift from Babies R Us and they told me the couldn’t sell it to me. So I bought it at Sears for the same price, from the same distributer, and they sold it to me! And the best part is that it was delivered right before the couple came over for dinner.

School, Weights, Tips and Tea #SimpleLittleSunday

Photo on 10-4-15 at 12.06 PM

  • Caleb went to New Hampshire and saw his grandparents.
  • Julia has straight A’s so far!
  • Chloe got 100% on her LA test.
  • Gracie got accepted to do a hike/camp in New Hampshire – only 24 students get to go, and she’s one.
  • Livia is finally back at church after a few weeks.
  • Max might be getting sick but he had tea and he feels better so tea is amazing.
  • Ben has been getting more tips at work.
  • Christos got all of Gabriel’s weights.
  • Brittany got 99% on her accounting test.
  • Leila hung out with her friend Flo.
  • Instead of having cheer practice, Nicole had a team dinner.
  • Wendy went to dinner and dessert and hung out with her friends.
  • I survived Mudderella.