High Honors, a License, Pies and Joy #SimpleLittleSunday


Leila got to hang out with her BFF Emma and they made apple pie.
Julia went apple picking – she was worried it was too late but it was open!
Julie went to homecoming, had fun and her friend who moved to MA came.
Max drew a picture that he’s proud of.
Grace woke up.
Ben got high honors.
Julia went on a scary hayride.
Breanne got her license!
Wendy hit two home runs!
Max got to visit his old elementary school and visit his old teachers.
Gabriel was very happy yesterday, even though work was rough.
I got to celebrate Dave’s birthday and Patrick’s birthday. Quality time and giving presents are big for me and birthdays encourage both those things.
Wendy went to her nephew’s football game. He got 2 tackles and won! Also, he’s “like 7”.
Leila made real pies from real food.


Birthdays, Kittens, Money and Chick-Fil-A #SimpleLittleSunday

Photo on 10-19-14 at 12.05 PM

  • Julie turned 18! She got to spend it with her whole family. (So did Breanne, but she wasn’t allowed to use the same thing)
  • Grace might be going to Chick-fil-A with her sister this week.
  • WB Mason had a VIP dinner at Foxwoods and Dave and I got dressed up and went for free dinner, open bar, live music and dancing. We had a great time.
  • Nico’s Aunt found a little kitten in an abandoned house and gave to his Grandma. She’s all black and named Shadow.
  • Breanne had cheesecake on Julie’s birthday (HA!) and cannoli cake for breakfast.
  • Gabriel had a set amount of money in his wallet for food. God said give it to Jan Nel (who’s speaking at our church today) so he did. Then he found money in his bible that God told him to leave in there a couple weeks ago.
  • Julie and Breanne got to see family from Italy on Monday.

Birthdays, FRIENDS, Tests and Being Alive #SimpleLittleSunday

Photo on 10-5-14 at 12.02 PM

  • Julia went to her friend’s birthday party and there was NO DRAMA!
  • Max went to his first homecoming dance and had fun.
  • Breanne went to Central Perk, as in FRIENDS, as in the orange couch, as in… Jess is jealous.
  • Breanne also got a job teaching dance at YMCA.
  • Julie passed the Capstone test.
  • Ben passed OSHA 10 test for electrical.
  • Leila got to hang out with her friend Michaela and made cake for a birthday party – but not us.
  • Grace’s birthday is this week!
  • Nico woke up.
  • Leila got to hold Hannah’s baby.
  • Julia had a sub in swing choir so they got to do karaoke.
  • I got blessed with new boots! They’re amazing and I love them.