Auditions, Food, Friends & School #SimpleLittleSunday

It’s Sunday!

You know what that means!





  • Julia auditioned for 7th grade swing choir and got in!
  • Wendy tried out for Summerstock (a theatrical camp) and is hoping she’ll get a lead role, more on that to come. Welcome to our suspense!
  • Leila got to see her cousins who she hasn’t seen in a long time
  • Max had his semi-formal and got to hang out with his friends he never gets to hang out with
  • Nico has been working hard at brining his grades up and he brought World Languages up to a B
  • Julie is done with full days of school
  • Tim woke up on Monday and decided it was going to be an awesome day. And it was.
  • Also, the World Cup
  • Tim is thankful for his Dad *cough* suck-up *cough* Just kidding 🙂
  • Yesterday, Max went to his sister’s friend’s aunt’s (lol) pool and got to go swimming, they ate taco pizza and his crappy goggles were replaced for the day by awesome ones
  • Today Max is going to Olive Garden with his dad and family
  • It rained on Julia’s field day so it turned into gym day and she got to play super cool “[two] minute[s] to win it” games and her class designed the shirt that won
  • Friday was Julie’s last ever day of gym
  • Julie was nervous about going to NYC for a week in the summer but is excited now
  • Leila made a play on tiramisu (not a theatrical thing)
  • Last friday Wendy went to Lake Compounce and she’s terribly afraid of roller coasters. One of her friends made her go on Boulder Dash. She’s still scared but she thinks she likes them
  • Wendy went to see Million Dollar Arm and it was the best movie…well, behind Divergent…but it was a really good movie
  • I chased a dollar bill down the street and won
  • I got to spend time with a friend I haven’t had QT with in a long time
  • I got to have dinner with these girls who mean the world to meImage


What about you?


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