The Next Step

It’s so funny to me how we always want more. More from our job, more from our family, more from our life. Everyone always wants more. And when you get it, you’re on to the next thing.

Why can’t we be content with where we’re at?

Because LIFE propels us forward.

2 years ago, all I wanted was to be in a secure, stable relationship headed towards a future.

1 year ago, all I wanted was to be married.

Today, all I want is to be a homeowner.

At each step, you see others getting to the next one, and sometimes that can be difficult. I’ll admit that when I see someone get what I want, a little part of me hurts. But then I realize, without them, I wouldn’t have the drive and motivation that I do.

Without someone showing me the good of the next step, I won’t want it. Isn’t that why you surround yourself with a diverse group of people at all stages of life?

Whether you realize it or not, if you look at your circles, you’ll see it’s true.

Sometimes people push you forward, other times you’re pushing them. The key, I think, is to not take any step for granted, because where you are is where someone else longs to be. Looking ahead is great, and vital to life. But looking back to see how far you’ve come is – I believe – equally important.

So to all those who want to be on my step, you’ll get there and I’ll be cheering you on the whole way.

And to those who are on the step I want – I’m comin for ya.


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