Shady Pines of Lakewood

Where to even begin.
I’m visiting my gram this weekend with my mom, which is always a trip and a half, but today we took her to visit a friend (Little Betty) at a nursing home. You guys. We were dying.

We couldn’t find her anywhere, the lady is a pip. So we sat down while the staff looked for her and people watched.

G – I don’t see her. Do you? At this age they all start changing.
J – They all start to look the same?
G – They all start to shrivel up!
Side note: gram is 87

Little Betty is 94 years old and sadly is starting to lose it. She remembered my mom and gram, but not me exactly.

LB – Jessica?
J- HI BETTY! Because you have to shout. Because everyone is deaf.
LB – You got so big!
LB – Not saying you’re fat. Because you’re not. That’s not what I mean. But you used to be this tall.
LB – And you’re beautiful too! Not saying you weren’t. Because you were. That’s not what I mean. But you’re still beautiful.

She also thinks she’s going home…which is apparently Newark, not Lakewood. And every song that was “played” was her favorite. And she told us about how her mother and father came to see her, to which my gram leans over to me and says “if she’s 94 then her mother is, what, 200?” Oh Rose.

At one point an old man sat down at an organ and started “playing”. And I say “playing” because I’m convinced it’s one of those organs that plays by itself. My first hint was the fact that a 5 piece band was coming out of it…my second was that the man wasn’t moving all that much. But people enjoyed it and clapped when “he was done”. One man even started dancing! With his walker! I took some crappy video but I can’t figure out how to upload it here from my phone.
JULIE!!!! HELP!!!!
Just trust me on this one for now, it was hilariously adorable! I loved it! I tried to get my mom to go dance with him (her idea, not mine) but she wouldn’t do it.

We only stayed for about 20 minutes and when we left LB followed us out explaining that she used to be able to walk around but now if she goes past the curb they come after her. Considering they couldn’t find her when we got there, I don’t think they watch the door as closely as she thinks they do. But that’s not necessarily a bad thing.


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