It’s no surprise to anyone who’s close to me that I’m completely bored with life right now. Call it a waiting period, call it the bus stop, call it the edge of a cliff, call it whatever you want. My life feels stagnant and like I’m not moving forward.

Some days this feels like it’s killing me, and other days I’m ok with it. Knowing that other people are in the same place is helpful, but the fact that it doesn’t change anything isn’t.

So the other day I decided to make some changes in myself. I’m calling it Jess-2.0


Since then, I have joined GoodReads and already finished two books! Granted, I only had about 70 pages left in one and 60 left in the other, but still. I accomplished something! I moved the book from “reading” to “read” and that’s something. I also realized I’m reading about 4 books right now, and I’m about to start a 5th, but whatever. Each book serves it’s own purpose. Sometimes I feel like being encouraged, sometimes I feel like learning and sometimes I just feel like getting lost in some fictitious world for a while. So those books will stay where they’re at. Tonight I’ll be starting Single Living. It’s about a 32 year old single girl who lives in Boston – I think I’ll be able to relate.

I also started doodling/drawing thanks to Jessica Latshaw and her suggestion to create something – anything. It’s nothing extravagant, mainly putting pictures to lyrics or quotes that I like, but it’s fun. See?


Yes, that’s Sara Bareilles. Yes, I’m obsessed. Yes, we can move on.

I don’t know if the next thing I start will be zentangling, yoga classes, zumba classes, voice lessons or something else I haven’t figured out yet. Maybe there’s a beach volleyball league I can join. But one thing is for sure, I have to change SOMETHING up. And if it’s not location or job, maybe one of these will do the trick. Put a bandaid on the wound for a bit until the next chapter starts.

What are some of the things you’re doing or have done to entertain yourself when life just seems blah? I’m open to suggestions.


3 thoughts on “J-2.0

  1. why don’t you try writing to someone and see what happens. You need a deeper connection, Its what your heart is waiting for. you are ready to connect with jess 2.0….

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