Amusement Parks, Vacations, Fairs and A Smelly Table #SimpleLittleSunday

Our table smells. Ben and Christos cleaned it. It still smells...

Our table smells. Ben and Christos cleaned it. It still smells…

  • Caleb went to six flags and it was pouring rain the entire way there but an hour after they got there it stopped and they day was beautiful. And he had his first Chick-Fil-A experience.
  • Chloe is getting over her fear of rollercoasters
  • Grace went to Quassy on friday and it rained the whole way there and it stopped when they got there.
  • Alyssa got work boots.
  • Julia went on a shopping spree with Chloe and went to Ocean City on vacation and she got a tan.
  • Leila also went to Ocean City and went to the beach every day with her friends from PA.
  • Max went camping and to choir camp and his parents are allowing him to read Harry Potter. Guys, this is huge. And his voice is changing.
  • Breanne probably just hung out with friends. Got ice cream.
  • Julie’s friend surprised her before she left (she lives in MA).
  • Katrina had her last day of work for the summer!
  • Ben went the Hamburg faire.
  • Christos got a new knife.
  • Gracie went to the DMV so her mom is allowed to drive her new car which means that Gracie isn’t scrunched in the back of a car.
  • I had my hair and makeup trial on Saturday and then had my final dress fitting so I basically felt like a princess. It was amazing.

Phones, Crates, Tubing and Sneaky Snacks #SimpleLittleSunday

Photo on 8-16-15 at 12.12 PM

Gracie’s duct tape bag and our sneaky snack

  • The crate with all the Ellinas stuff came in from Cyprus.
  • Michael went to Maine with some friends and went tubing.
  • Ben scheduled his placement test for his college courses.
  • Gracie has been making money off of duct tape purses.
  • Max got through the worship service without Caitlin.
  • Chloe went tubing with her cousin in New Hampshire and she taught a puppy how to swim.
  • Caleb went to Starbies with one of his friends and got a cup of whipped cream for free.
  • Alyssa got a new phone.
  • Reed helped unpack the crate from Cyprus.
  • Scott’s dog swam for the first time and she didn’t die.
  • Julie’s dad came home!!
  • Breanne had her first s’more of the summer and met someone from Gateways. God has freeing her from shame. woo!
  • Grace went to Breanne and Julie’s house again and ate banana bread.
  • Wendy made her friend a birthday cake and surprised her with it.
  • Katrina didn’t think that she’d be able to spend time with her 3 roommates from college before it started, but she did.
  • Dave and I went up to Cambridge to see a musical on Tuesday. It was raining all day and we figured we’d get stuck in crazy amounts of traffic, because, Cambridge. But the rain stopped and we hit zero traffic. And the show was fantastic! 
  • we all were blessed with snack from the little class…they very sneakily brought it in for us. Apparently they’re learning about spies, so she was a spy and brought us cookies. We like cookies.

Vacations, Vacations, Vacations #SimpleLittleSunday

Photo on 8-9-15 at 12.06 PMFirst of all, for those of you who don’t know, these two knuckleheads had a beanbag chair fight last week. Ben fought the light. He won.

So yes, we broke a light – but it was just the bulb! And as far as Youth Group destruction goes, this wasn’t that bad! I mean, really. When I was in youth group we put a hole in the sanctuary wall! This is nothin’

On that note…

  • Grace went to Medieval Times with her family.
  • Wendy took Leila to her lake house in Maine for vacation.
  • Max went to NY for a family member’s wedding and he got to see a lot of his Dad’s family and his little nephew. And his sister took him to the mall for his birthday and he got a Supernatural pocket watch. Family time is the best.
  • Julia made a youtube channel and her first video has 109 views. She also got to explore New Hampshire with her step mom and step sister.
  • Gracie went to VA Beach with her family. 
  • Christos went to Cornfield point beach with Gabe, Christi and Lionique. There were kayaks and paddle boards that weren’t locked up so he used one. 
  • Alyssa went to New Hampshire and even though it rained all week she still got to go quading.
  • Leila went to Maine with Wendy and they went tubing and to a fair. They got a caricature.
  • Breanne’s favorite show is coming back – Prison Break (Christos is also pumped about this!)
  • Julie got accepted to Bethel Supernatural School of Discipleship. 
  • Ben went to the Gelston House for their 3rd anniversary. AND Subway called him and said they are firing the manager and want him to be the new one!
  • I had a crazy week at work and had to walk between the our building and another numerous times. Not once, during any of that time, was there even cloudy weather – nothing but a brightly shining sun. I was pretty annoyed as it was, and if it was raining I would’ve been down right miserable. 

Quick Update

ok so thanks to my bladder I’ve been up since 4am, and it’s been a while since I’ve written a blog that wasn’t a SLS. So I apologize if this doesn’t make total sense. 

Life is a little crazy right now. Mainly? Because I’m getting married! And I’m still trying to wrap my head around it all. 

My bridal shower is today. MY bridal shower. What?!

I’m getting MARRIED in 33 days, the bachelorette party is planned…MY bachelorette party is planned, and my bridal shower is today. 

Again: WHAT?!

I have no idea what to think, how to react or how to even begin processing all of this. How do I even process today?!

I’ve taken all the right steps, everything is pretty much planned. Everything that CAN be anyway. Yet I’m still in disbelief. 

Don’t get me wrong, I’m completely over the moon about it! I am SO excited to marry Dave and start our life together with the boys. But sometimes it seems like everyone else is MORE excited. 

You see, the thing is that I’m 32 years old and honestly never thought this time would come. Not in a depressing, woa is me, kind of way, but in a very real “this may never happen for me” kind of way. So while it was fun to help friends plan their weddings and showers, and be a part of all of that, and even dream of MY day, deep down I didn’t ACTUALLY think I’d be in that situation. 

I completely dismissed it. 

So here I am, the morning of MY bridal shower, up entirely too early, with no idea if I should cry or scream or laugh or smile or dance or go about my day like it’s any other Sunday. 

All I know is that I can’t go back to sleep. Because the first half of the day is still the same. I’ll lead worship, and then hang with the youfies, and then have lunch with Dave. 

But then I’ll step into what I’m referring to as “the alternate universe” where anything can happen. 

Don’t forget about the [woman] who suddenly got everything [she] always wanted…[she] lived happily ever after.

#SexySelfieSunday #SimpleLittleSuday

Photo on 8-2-15 at 12.13 PM

  • Julia went to Vegas for work and brought back gifts for them all.
  • Caleb went to see Mission Impossible with his dad and Gabriel last night.
  • Alyssa got to see her mom for the first time in 2 months.
  • Nico went to the worship team party last night.
  • Breanne had a great day on Thursday – she saw her friend she hasn’t seen in a while and found out her dad is coming home August 13th which is earlier than they thought.
  • Ben quit Subway, it wasn’t a good place so he got out.
  • Grace went shopping and got a new outfit, just because.
  • Julie hung out with her friend a couple days ago, they went to the mall and then Starbucks. She paid for her friend. they didn’t have enough and the barista told them to not worry about it. 
  • Christos had friends over and they played poker – he won – but they didn’t gamble. It’s ok.
  • A very nice barista at Starbucks in Glastonbury gave me the employee discount for no reason and I got my drink for half price!