Hey. Remember me?



It’s been so long that I had to re-log into my account. And that’s just sad.

It’s August guys. AUGUST! In a little over a month I’ll have been married for a year! Where has this year gone? Does that make me sound old? It makes me feel old.

I’ve heard a lot of people say that the first year of marriage can be a rough one. There are adjustment periods and all sorts of things you have to get used to, especially if you didn’t live together beforehand – which we didn’t. But I have to say, we had none of that. Not even with the boys. Everything has just been normal from the start, like this has always been our little family. It’s awesome.

Let’s see, what else can I tell you?

We’re still looking for a house. House hunting has got to be one of the most infuriating processes I’ve ever been a part of. We walk into some of these houses and our first thought is “who the heck thought this layout was a good idea?”.

Seriously though – why build a house with a kitchen as small as the bathroom? Who does that? The phrase “get out of my kitchen” would be so commonly used it’d become white noise.

Or why is there a bedroom right off the kitchen? Literally, steps away from the fridge? Is midnight snacking that important to you?

How about all the walls. Why are there SO MANY WALLS dividing up every little space? We like to see our guests when we entertain. That’s kind of the whole point, right?

And don’t even get me started on colonials (which account for 90% of the homes in New England) or how overpriced some towns can be (get over yourself Old Saybrook – the same house in another town is 100G less).

But I digress. We’ll find our house, and it will be amazing. Until then, don’t mind us. We’ll just be the people creeping on wandering around the outside of a house before wasting our realtor’s time to look inside.

Side note: part of me wants to say “let’s take a whole day and look at EVERY SINGLE HOUSE in our area and hope we stumble on something”. Maybe that’s the key? 

We went to a Connell Family Reunion in Texas last month. I wish I had a group shot for you, but I don’t even think I have a picture of Dave and I except for the one I took after we ran for 20 minutes. I always struggle with either taking pictures of everything to remember, or just sitting back and taking everything in. I’m sure there’s a balance there somewhere, I just haven’t found it.

It was great to see all of Dave’s family though. His mom came out from California, along with his sisters and their husbands, so it was a great excuse to just see them. But I met a ton of other people as well, and they’re some of the nicest and sweetest people I’ve ever met.

Traveling with the boys was an adventure to say the least. I don’t have any siblings so I don’t fully understand the whole “sibling thing” with the fighting and the teasing and the wrestling, but I still loved it.


For more gems like that, feel free to search “#ConnellsdoTX” on Twitter or Instagram.

I guess that’s about it for now. Just wanted to let you guys know that I’m still breathing. You’re welcome, world.