The last…Simple Little Sunday

Well, this is it! My last Sunday with the youth! It’s bittersweet but needed to happen. My grace is up.

When I first took on the youth group, there were 3 kids. 4 when we did our first Simple Little Sunday. My vision and plan was to build a community and a safe place for the youth to grow and question things – as youth often do. And now, 2 years later we’re up to this. Crazy.

Photo on 2-28-16 at 12.22 PM

So without further ado…

  • Alyssa won her dodgeball tournament.
  • Christos received wisdom from the Lord about a flea market in New Haven. He went and realized he can get all sorts of great things.
  • Max is in Chamber Choir! He passed the auditions!
  • Grace went over Chloe’s house and got to watch Caleb do the Ernie dance.
  • Gracie got to see her cousin who lives in Alaska.
  • Chloe got an A+ on her math project and it bumped her up to an A.
  • Julia had to do a group project at school. She got grouped with bad people but they actually got work done.
  • Anna’s older brother is coming home a month early from New Zealand.
  • Tim got a new apartment a mile from his work.
  • Wendy got into all honors classes for next year.
  • Darby got a 90% on her French quiz.
  • Caleb went to Chili Fest and saw a bunch of people, including Bethany.
  • Leila got to pick her schedule and she’s in AP History.
  • Scott aced his social studies test.
  • Michael found a dollar.
  • Reed found a bulldozer with the keys still in it.
  • Josh got new lacrosse gloves from chicago for a good price.
  • Dave came home safe!!!! That’s my Simple Little Sunday.

Now, it’s Tim’s turn to build upon my investment. I’m excited to see where it goes!


At Last, Simple Little Sunday

Photo on 2-14-16 at 12.35 PM #2

  • Caleb went to a friends house and made a bunch of Chinese food.
  • Chloe was asked to lead and be the teacher for the little kid’s class during first service. They talked about how joy is a choice.
  • Max saw a poster about how you should moisturize your skin, drink water and listen to new music while he was doing all 3.
  • Christos hung out with Reed last Sunday and bro-ed out…with Anna.
  • Reed hung out with Christos…and Anna and Ari last Sunday.
  • Julia found a new song to listen to when she’s frustrated – When We Were Young by Adele.
  • Gracie has $13 and she feels like it’s meant for something.
  • Anna got her second holes pierced and she got a ring for Valentine’s Day.
  • Alyssa was really nervous for the talent show but she rocked it.
  • Andrew was driving and hit black ice. He was almost hit but they stopped.
  • Wendy’s mom bought her a purple bracelet and is paying for her to go to Flight.
  • Leila got a rose from Joe.
  • Grace got to eat a cupcake that her mom made for the talent show, before the talent show.
  • Ari got to hang out with Reed, Christos and Anna and she won her soccer game yesterday.
  • Josh watched the dunk competition and it was awesome. He lost his basketball game, but he was ok with it.
  • The day after Dave left for Oregon, we got a ton of wet and heavy snow and I have no idea who to use the snowblower. Also, my car wouldn’t start for a few days. That Saturday (the next day), Michael and Dean came over and snowblowed the driveway for me, and then Reed came over and got my car started. I felt so loved!

Special Simple Little Sunday

Wow, so it’s been a while since I’ve written one of these, huh. I actually haven’t been doing SLS with the youth for the past few months for a lot of reasons, the biggest being that with the size we’ve grown to there just isn’t enough time to do everything.

SLS isn’t dead though, I’ve had adults (one of whom being my husband) tell me about how they’ve begun noticing the little things, and on a seemingly boring or even awful day, they begin to smile.

SLS is important, guys, even when I’m not posting about it.

This week we did a special version where we talked about the best thing that happened to us all year. Big or small. I’m not sure when the next one of these will be, so please enjoy our final Simple Little Sunday of 2015!


  • Livia got to spend a lot of time with her family this year.
  • Ben got a Volvo s40. She’s got heated leather seats, and she doesn’t have a name yet, but she’s definitely a girl.
  • Caleb moved back to America!
  • Tim got to be a part of his brother’s wedding.
  • Julia started a YouTube channel and has 40 subscribers.
  • Gracie got a notebook for Christmas with scriptures on the pages. She has a friend that she wanted to witness to and decided that these pages will be a great way to do that. She crosses out the part where it says where the scripture is found in the Bible so her friend just thinks they’re nice sayings. Eventually she’ll tell her that they’re from the Bible and use that as a conversation starter. We call it “Sneaky Jesus”
  • Wendy went to Colorado in the summer for her brother’s wedding. She doesn’t get to see him very often.
  • Leila’s art teacher wants to sell all of her art pieces at their museum. One of them sold for $80! 30% goes to the museum and 70% goes to her. Yeah, she’s that good.
  • Christos became good friends with Ben.
  • Max did a lot of singing this year.
  • Grace went to Maine and went kayaking with Ben.
  • Josh went to a ton of lacrosse games.
  • I got married!


So there it is! What’s the best way God showed you He loved you this year?

Fall Stuff, White Pants and Field Days #SimpleLittleSunday

Photo on 10-18-15 at 12.11 PM #2

  • Chloe looked cool because she got to wear a cast.
  • Gracie had a sleep over with Grace. She’s not supposed to wear cotton for a trip and she found a bunch of stuff at Goodwill that is cotton free.
  • Leila went shopping for homecoming.
  • Julia slept over her friend Emma’s house last weekend and worked on their project. They finished 6 days early.
  • Wendy went on a manufacturing field trip and got to go to a field hockey game at the high school.
  • Christos had homecoming last night and it was lit…apparently that means it’s good.
  • Livia got to hear the new songs at church this morning.
  • Ben got new white pants.
  • Alyssa went to the mall and she saw a family friend and found out she’s pregnant!
  • Bethany got new shoes that were on sale.
  • Grace went to the corn maze with Julia, Gracie and Chloe and they got lost.
  • Brittany got her permit!
  • Adam is a Junior and they won field day.
  • Caleb had field day on Friday – nothing academic and all play. It was probably the best day of school.
  • Josh got a new phone.
  • I ordered a gift from Babies R Us and they told me the couldn’t sell it to me. So I bought it at Sears for the same price, from the same distributer, and they sold it to me! And the best part is that it was delivered right before the couple came over for dinner.

School, Weights, Tips and Tea #SimpleLittleSunday

Photo on 10-4-15 at 12.06 PM

  • Caleb went to New Hampshire and saw his grandparents.
  • Julia has straight A’s so far!
  • Chloe got 100% on her LA test.
  • Gracie got accepted to do a hike/camp in New Hampshire – only 24 students get to go, and she’s one.
  • Livia is finally back at church after a few weeks.
  • Max might be getting sick but he had tea and he feels better so tea is amazing.
  • Ben has been getting more tips at work.
  • Christos got all of Gabriel’s weights.
  • Brittany got 99% on her accounting test.
  • Leila hung out with her friend Flo.
  • Instead of having cheer practice, Nicole had a team dinner.
  • Wendy went to dinner and dessert and hung out with her friends.
  • I survived Mudderella.

Concerts, Fairs, Sports and Family Time #SimpleLittleSunday

Photo on 9-27-15 at 12.33 PM

  • Julia’s math teacher is confusing but she is learning and did better on this test. She also is pumped for fall and decorated her room. 
  • Chloe’s friends from Cyprus are visiting and she’s very excited about it.
  • Caleb got to go to the Global Citizen Festival and see a ton of famous people in Central Park.
  • Ben went to the Durham Fair with Brittany. And Jesse Mac is helping him get a job at a solar company.
  • Wendy also went to the Durham Fair with her friend and nephew. She played a basketball and on the first try got a big bear.
  • Alyssa went to the GUILFORD fair and it was kind of boring BUT she was adventurous and went on a really fast ride. She almost fell out but she didn’t.
  • Aaron went on a picnic with his grandparents.
  • Luke went hiking.
  • Scott started basketball season.
  • Christos got promoted from dish washer to bus boy!
  • Reed’s dad got married.
  • Michael bought a 4-wheeler for $200 and sold it for $400.
  • Grace didn’t go to Breanne’s BUT she went up front to worship.
  • Gabriel’s friend came from England and stayed with him for 2 weeks.
  • Remi went to the Big E (he’s visiting us from France).
  • I got to take a selfie with a duck!

Family, Dancing, Singing and #dnjdovows #SimpleLittleSunday

Photo on 9-13-15 at 12.11 PM

  • Ben is excited that we have leftover wedding cake for snack. He loves cake.
  • Julia danced in public at the wedding and had so much fun. And she saw her grandparents.
  • Caleb had fried mac and cheese for the first time and it was amazing.
  • Livia’s grandmother’s cat was nice..for once!
  • Max auditioned for and got into the best choir in his school. and his choir director recommended him to another group
  • Leila hung out with her Uncle Fred yesterday
  • Michael got paid $20 to dance with his grandmother.
  • Scott’s family is visiting from California. He doesn’t get to see them often so it’s cool.
  • Reed got a job at Dough on Main.
  • Christos saw Straight Outta Compton and it was great.
  • Nico’s last day of work is Wednesday so he has more free time.
  • Josh was captian on his soccer team.
  • Gracie washed her phone so she gets to get a new one. but she has to pay for it so she has to save up and God is teaching her how to value her things.
  • Grace slept over Breanne’s house.
  • Aaron got into Norwich Tech.
  • Luke got to drive a go-cart that his mom’s friend built.
  • It was supposed to rain on Friday – our wedding day – but it POURED on Thursday instead and Friday was PERFECT!