Movies, Jobs, Guitars and Bobble Heads #SimpleLittleSunday

Photo on 2-22-15 at 12.14 PMPlease forgive our picture today…it’s blurry. We’re blurry bobble heads.

  • Grace went to the dollar store before church and got a bunch of valentines day candy for 25 cents and she cleans 3 houses now.
  • Ben starts working at Subway tomorrow.
  • Christos started working at Olympia Sports yesterday.
  • Max got new headphones, found a Pokemon miniseries on Hulu and went to first Saturday drama rehearsal.
  • Julia reconnected with a friend who she hasn’t seen in 3 years.
  • Leila got to hang out with Tiffany all weekend again and saw The Duff this weekend for free.
  • Reed’s new guitar and shirt came!
  • Michael passed the final for the hunter safety course.
  • Wendy went to the movies with her friends to see McFarland (The Mexican Running Movie). Yeah, I had to google that because no one new the title, hence “our” title in parenthesis.
  • Breanne got to hang out with old friends and on Friday her dad got ribs…to eat…they’re her favorite.
  • Julie had good things happen.
  • I was sick Friday and Saturday so Dave got me an FBI SWAT Agent bobble head! I call him BobbleDave. I love bobble heads. Also, along with being sick, I still went to worship practice and still led this morning. The second (both times) I opened my mouth to sing I felt better! And THEN at the end of class Reed gave me a homemade bobble head (out of an old Youfie and a balloon haha) but his head deflated before we left church 😦
Grace, Breanne and I wish you a Happy Little Sunday!

Grace, Breanne and I wish you a Happy Little Sunday!


#dedication #SimpleLittleSunday


Today was a little different. Ok, a lot different. We had a snowy start to the day so we only had one service at church. Plus a lot of people didn’t come, which is expected. But that did t stop us.
I wound up doing Simple Little Sunday with the whole congregation (or at least with the ones who showed up) and it was great. As important as it is for teens to remember and realize that God loves them every second of every day, it’s important for us as adults to remember that too.
Our group shot is a little skewed, but still great none the less. We call it #dedication
Happy sunday everyone! God loves you!!

What Did You Expect?

Life is rarely what we expect it to be.

Yes we have hopes and dreams and goals. And yes, sometimes we attain them. But when you look at your life, where it is today, and where “5-years-ago-you” thought it was going to be, I’m willing to bet that it looks nothing like you expected.

I dare you to find one person who’s life is exactly what they thought. And if you find them, please, tell me about them, because they’re a rare phenomenon.

When I was growing up (including my 20’s) and I thought about what 32 was going to look like, not one part of me thought I’d be living with my mother, working in video production, leading worship, running a youth group, unmarried with no kids of my own, and dating a guy 18 years older than me.

Go ahead…do the math…I’ll wait… 

I didn’t think my closest friends would be anywhere from 5 to 15 to 30 minutes, to 3 to 14 hours (by plane) away from me. I didn’t think I would rely so much on social media and blogging and skype to feel like I’m still connected to people.

I didn’t realize any of this because, mainly, I stopped guessing. I stopped expecting.

I hate when someone asks, “what’s your 5 year plan?”

Uh…to be happy with my life in 5 years?

Seriously. What do you say to that? Not to say that I don’t have goals or aspirations, but I’ve learned (or maybe just been jaded enough to realize) that things usually don’t go the way you planned. So I stopped planning.

When I was younger my “plan” was to be married at 24 and have at least one child if not two by the time I was 30, with eventually a total of 4. I was going to be a stay-at-home mom who worked part time once the youngest was in school. Know where that got me? Incredibly depressed at 30 because my life was no where near that.

Side note: if I got married at 24 I’d be divorced and severely unhappy. Three cheers for life not going as “planned”!

So if you ask me now, where do I see myself in 5 years? My answer is “happy.”

Maybe Dave and I will be married. Maybe we’ll have a child. Maybe we’ll have twins! Maybe I won’t be able to conceive. Maybe we’ll adopt. Maybe we’ll just have his 3 boys. Maybe I’ll be leading worship around the world. Maybe I’ll only lead worship at my home church. Maybe I won’t be leading worship at all! (Although that’s very unlikely.) Maybe I’ll have a huge youth group. Maybe I won’t be part of the youth group at all. Maybe I’ll stay at home. Maybe I’ll be working 50 hours a week. Maybe I won’t be a producer anymore. Maybe I’ll start my own production company. Maybe I’ll live somewhere that I won’t have to worry about warming my car up for 30 minutes because it’s covered in a giant sheet of ice (not that I’m bitter about today or anything…). Maybe we’ll own a house. Maybe we’ll be renting a place. Maybe…

Guys, there are a lot of maybe’s. A lot of ways life can go. Maybe it’s a defense mechanism (ha! another maybe) but if I don’t “plan” for any of these things to happen and I just let them, then I’ll be happy. At least I’ll have a better chance of it, because I’ll know that whatever decisions I made “in the moment” were what led me to that outcome.

My point is this: if I worry about what’s going to happen and I try and make things happen, chances are they’re not going to work out that way. So I’ll just worry about making the right decision for that day and trust that I’m on the right path. After all, ultimately, that’s all I can do, right?

Life is scary and stressful enough, why should we add to it?

Disclaimer: I am VERY happy with my life right now. This is not a complaining post, just simply a thought process. Also, a testimony (so far) that my theory works.

Shopping, Shopping and more Shopping…with a few Sports #SimpleLittleSunday

Photo on 2-8-15 at 12.18 PM

  • Breanne slept over friends house Sunday to Monday. But then it snowed so she got to stay til Tuesday. DSO: Double Sleep Over!
  • Leila got to hang out with Tiffany all weekend! They went shopping for clothes and went to see Project Almanac. She said that worship was real good today! And her concert got postponed so I can go! Yay!
  • Tiffany’s brother is finally getting a haircut! Glory hallelujah (I guess) and she tried on prom dresses for fun. Tiffany also had hiccups during worship and they hurt, but they stopped by the time we had class.
  • Julia went clothes shopping and rollerskating with Angela and Cienna. Then they went through boxes in the basement and she got to keep cool stuff. She also was feeling sad before church and asked God to help her feel happy – and then He did!
  • Max went to East Lyme HS for a concert with the ELHS choir. He was told he looked good in what he was wearing (Max is Back in Black – MIB) and he’s learning Japanese. 
  • Christos overall had a banging week. OS won shorelines and he’s apparently a beast at handball.
  • Benny Boy found a drivers ed school he wants to go to.
  • Grace went shopping and out to eat with her family.
  • Julie ordered a prom dress online without trying it on and it actually fits!
  • This huge meeting that I work every year was in NYC this year and not Orlando (sadness) but I didn’t have to do nearly as much work as I usually do, which was awesome. And then when I got home I had a letter in the mail with an early inheritance from my grandmother. She wanted us to have it before she dies. Her words, not mine.

Snow, Track, Family and the Super Bowl #SimpleLittleSunday

Photo on 2-1-15 at 12.15 PM

  • Max was reunited with an old friend.
  • Julia basically had a snow week and got to go sledding. And apparently she gets extra credit for that.
  • Julie has been blessed with a good family.
  • Breanne got joy from watching her dad figure out how to use his new iPhone.
  • Ben gets to go to Brittany’s house for the Super Bowl.
  • Reed says it’s Super Bowl Sunday!
  • Andrew got a lot of sleep one night when he usually only gets 4 hours and started drivers ed.
  • Christos had his first track meet and qualified for Shorelines in the 600.
  • I went to Patrick’s graduation! i’ll write more about that tomorrow but it was amazing.
  • Michael played airsoft yesterday.
  • Leila made us cupcakes and they are life changing.