#SimpleLittleSunday a Couple Days Late

I was in Jersey visiting my gram this weekend so I wasn’t around for SLS. Tim took over again, and luckily for him Reed and Michael weren’t there so he didn’t have to harass them for information.

  • Julia got straight A’s! And she found a four-toed salamander and looked it up – it will grow to be anywhere between 5-10.2cm
  • Leila had her last day of school!
  • Julie’s family thought it was going to rain for her brother’s graduation and they’d have to have it inside but it cleared up and they had it outside and it was beautiful
  • Tim found out one of his favorite bands was playing a free show outside in Providence and had an incredible time
  • Christi (she helped Tim out in my absence) went night swimming at her friend’s lake on Monday and got to spend the day at the beach on Tuesday.
  • I had some great quality time with my gram and cousin and got to take home some pretty sweet heirlooms.
  • I also got to take half of Friday off and hang out with my PIC (partner in crime) at her pool AND see My Julie, her Eric and their 3 kiddos
  • I also got to hang out with a friend and her husband who moved to NC a few months ago

What’s that? You’re wondering where the group shot is? This is all I have to say for that…



So there are 2 more SLS’s for ya – cookie dough and cupcakes.


Dumb question, but, have you anything to add?


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