Winning, Pets, and Friends #SimpleLittleSunday

Welcome to Simple Little Sunday! If this is your first time here, click this link and read what it’s all about. If not, here’s our list. What’s on yours?


Nico, Jess, Wendy, Leila, Julia, Max aka: Rubber Fish

  • Friday it was supposed to rain but it didn’t so… Leila had a beautiful day at Lake Compounce, there were some clouds at 6 Flags but that just meant that Max and his friends didn’t have to wait in long lines, and Nico could have one more practice before marching in the Memorial Day Parade (he plays trombone)
  • Leila won a game she usually loses all her money at
  • Max’s chamber choir competed in the Great East Music Festival and won better than gold – they got platinum!
  • Julia’s dad found a salamander outside and a friend had a tank they weren’t using so she gets to keep him with little to no cost (she’s still working on a name)
  • Wendy was having a bad day so her mom (without being prompted by Wendy) suggested she have a friend over. They went to see Heaven Is For Real and it was such a good movie and they had a great day.
  • When Max and his family were getting ready to go to church the song that was playing mixed with the birds next to the car was beautiful
  • Max also got a necklace from his dad
  • Max ALSO go to talk to a friend he hasn’t seen in a year and a half
  • God gave one of them the courage to stand up to a “friend” and set some much needed healthy boundaries

As for me, well

  • One day I was going for a jog along a route I normally don’t run and I came across a bush with beautiful flowers on it. I don’t know what they are, but they’re gorgeous
  • Thursday I had to work 14.5 hours but it was with some great people and many laughs were had
  • I’m rockin a 4 day weekend thanks to that 14.5hr day
  • I’ve been blessed with the time and money to do a complete bedroom overhaul (there will be more on that when it’s done)
  • I got this text at a time when I wasn’t feeling so wonderful:  Image
  • And finally, I got to hang out with some pretty awesome kids today (see the picture above for proof)


So how did God show you He loved you this week? I want to know! Comment here or use #SimpleLittleSunday!


Grades, Doubles and Chicks #SimpleLittleSunday

It’s that time of the week again! Simple Little Sunday! Here’s our list, what’s on yours?


Wendy, Julie, Leila, Tim, Jess, Andrew, Max and Nico

  • my brother-in-law moved in on Tuesday and he’s awesome
  • I got 100% on a test I didn’t study for
  • “My teacher acknowledged my genius” (that’s a direct quote haha)
  • I couldn’t play softball for a while because I hurt my back, but it was healed and I hit a double
  • I got to take some baby chicks home for biology class and I can keep them if I want
  • I’m in 7th grade but they want me to take a 9th grade math test because they believe I’m smart enough
  • My friend was mad at me for something I didn’t have the power to change but we worked it out and everything is good again
  • I played my guitar by the stream near my house for a while, it was beautiful
  • last report card I had 2 F’s and a D, now all my grades are B- or higher
  • there’s a cove area at Waterford Beach that was warm enough to swim in
  • it was raining during my prom, when we went to leave I didn’t want my dress to get wet and so my date helped me make sure I stayed clean and dry


Truth be told: this was a rough one for me today. Life is full of choices, you choose to be happy or you choose to be sad. Every time I choose to be happy today, something shoots me down. It’s crap and I don’t like it.

So here’s what I, Jess, personally have for today: Today. Is. Beautiful

When The Dog Bites


OK. You got me. I didn’t really get attacked by a dog…nor did I get stung by a bee…nor am I particularly sad.

BUT I do want to tell you about some of my favorite things.

I’ve been trying to make a conscious effort to look for the little things (Hence #SimpleLittleSunday) and be in charge of my own happiness lately because I realize that you can’t rely on other people to make you happy. They can certainly add to it, sometimes they add to it a lot, but they can’t be the basis of your happiness. Sometimes life will get crazy or they’ll move away or you’ll have a falling-out. And some days you’re just left with yourself.

Can you be happy with just yourself?

While some days my flesh will want to scream at you: ABSOLUTELY NOT! The truth is, HECK YES!

And while I do enjoy whiskers on kittens and brown paper packages tied up with string, I have no clue what schnitzel (holy crap I spelled that right the first try) with noodles is. So these are a few of MY favorite things.


1. Being Barefoot

If not barefoot, definitely without shoes. Driving? Totally better barefoot. In the office? …do we have a visitor? I’m probably still not going to wear shoes. Home? What are shoes? Leading worship? HA! Never! I’m convinced it’s impossible for me to successfully lead worship with shoes on.

In the words of Dane Cook: EFF SHOES!


2. Buying Shoes

Don’t be fooled by #1, while I hate wearing them, I flippin love buying shoes. It was a problem for a while, one of my friends actually had to pick me up and carry me away from a shoe store in high school. I since have toned down…mainly because I don’t have room for any more (2 bins under my bed, the top shelf of my closet, the floor of my closet, and 3 pairs that don’t fit anywhere)…but that doesn’t always stop me. What can I say? Shoes serve a purpose, just not a “100% of the time” purpose for me.


3. Netflix Marathons

Two days ago I flopped myself onto the couch in one of our edit suites

Me: I feel like I just wasted part of my life…

The Stanimator: Why?

Me: Because I just watched 5 seasons of Parks and Rec in a week and a half!

TS: So

Me: I’m sure there were better things I could’ve done with my time

TS: Well, did it make you happy?

Me: ….yeah

TS: Then who cares?

Yeah! Who cares? Netflix marathons totally make the list!


4. Holly Conlan Radio on Pandora

This is a simple one. I get music from Holly, Sara Bareilles and Brooke Fraser. It’s like the perfect mix of christian and non-christian music that I can sing along with. Because…


5. Singing & Dancing Like A Crazy Person




The best part of this list is I don’t need anyone else to make it happen! What random things are on your list?

Simple Little Sunday

I am VERY happy to announce the first of what I hope to be many weekly posts!

Back in the beginning of the year I wrote a post about the Simple Things and how you shouldn’t overlook them because there’s a good chance they’re the crumbs that were left to lead you to the big things.

The idea is that God talks to us in all different ways and not always how we expect it. And He shows His love the same way. It’s not always a big grandiose gesture, but sometimes it’s something as small as getting all the lights green on your way home, or a beautiful sunset.

For example, every part of my trip to New Zealand in 2011 was God showing me that He loved me. From providing every last penny for me to travel there to having a duck family (my favorite animal) waddle up to me while I was reading to the most amazingly delicious chocolate I’ve ever had. Whittaker’s Kiwi Chocolate. That’s all I’m gonna say.

So I posed this question to the youth group today:

What kind of things has God done for you this week?

Every Sunday before we start class we’re going to talk about the little things that happened the previous week and we’re going to call it Simple Little Sunday.


Max, Wendy, Leila, Julie, Jess


Without further ado, here is the list we came up with for this week:

  • He gave me a girlfriend who has visions and is prophetic and I can witness to her through it
  • He gave me a great family and amazing siblings who are always there to help me and stand up for me
  • I was playing a game with my sister outside, at one point our fingers were touching and a butterfly landed on them!
  • One day it was raining and when I went outside to look, to the left there was a sunset and to the right was a double rainbow. It was so beautiful
  • I was at the Hunter Hays concert, and I’m pretty short. The tall girls in front of me saw me standing behind them and let me go in front so I could see…and I got closer too!
  • We got a large lemonade when we payed for a small at Dunkin – favor
  • We had a super important softball game against HK, it started to rain and the game was going to get cancelled, but right before we were about to start the rain stopped and we won by 10 – that hasn’t happened in 10 years

So I ask you, what little things have happened this week? How has God shown you that He loves you?

Feel free to join in the conversation through comments or on twitter with #SimpleLittleSunday! I want to know!