The Beach, Books, Music and Movies #SimpleLittleSunday

Photo on 8-31-14 at 12.06 PM #2


  • Max is going to the Pastor’s house for a foosball/N64 tournament after church.
  • Grace saw her gram and was given a bag full of clothes.
  • Grace is homeschooled and her mom said she can skip chapters and they’ll do the tests together.
  • Julia found pretty shells at beach because they were shiny in the sun.
  • Julia learned about birds from a lifeguard and got some pictures. 
  • Max hung out with his sister at target because all his friends were MIA and he got sister’s discount since she works there.
  • Breanne went to the beach with some friends.
  • Breanne got the new Steffany Gretzinger album.
  • Leila finally got to start The Maze Runner series (they’re books) because they have them at her school library.
  • Julia still has her tan from ocean city.
  • Julie saw If I Stay with her mom.
  • Leila saw The Giver.
  • Ben got a job at a market in town as a cashier and stocking shelves.
  • My friend Julian fixed my car for WAY CHEAPER than the dealership would’ve charged me. And it runs awesome.
  • Leila baked for us again! Yay!

Vacations, High School, Plays and Hangs #SimpleLittleSunday

Such a happy crew today! Whatta bunch of hooligans. They’re lucky I love them.

Photo on 8-24-14 at 12.16 PM

  • Grace had a cookout and went fishing.
  • Leila went on vacation and hung out with friends she hasn’t seen friends in year.
  • Julia also went on vacation (shocking!) She went to the beach, the boardwalk and played mini golf – Leila sucks at mini golf, apparently.
  • Max went to his high school orientation, there was food there. “Max was a fat pig during orientation.”
  • Aaron went to NYC with his Opa and saw the Statue of Liberty and went to the wax museum.
  • Breanne hung out with her friend Rachel.
  • Julie visited Eastern in PA (it’s a college) and it was a nice day.
  • Ben is getting new blender bottle for protein shakes and stuff.
  • I spent Saturday in the Berkshires with Dave; we had a blast! One of the best parts was that we watched Romeo and Juliet at an outdoor performance and the weather was perfect. Probably the only time I’ve ever been THANKFUL it wasn’t bright and sunny. 
  • Gabriel got to spend time with his Brother-In-Law, Patrick.
  • Julia saw a pretty sunset on vacation, see? It was unicorny (that’s our new word for magical)
  • Leila saw dolphins.
  • Grace went to an ice cream factory, a cheese factory, a coffee factory, and a butterfly place and got free samples everywhere (except at the butterfly place) and even got to take leftovers.
  • Leila went to the mall with her soon-to-be step sister.
  • Julia went to a cool store and got stuff. The workers there encouraged them to catapult orbies at people!
  • Leila took an old time photo with three of her friends.

So that’s our week. How was yours?

Camping, Hotels, Mountains and Friends #SimpleLittleSunday

Sunday Funday!

Photo on 8-17-14 at 12.09 PM

  • Max went camping, it only rained the first day, and he made friends.
  • While Max was walking into church he saw a pretty butterfly.
  • Reed hung out with Christos for a week.
  • Christos hung out with Reed and climbed Mount Washington with Mikey.
  • Michael survived Mount Washington, but will never do it again.
  • Caleb spent 2 nights with Luke, more time at the Hyde’s, a night at the Connell’s and a night at the Soh’s.
  • Caleb got to go shooting with Dave and had a blast, he was a pretty good shot too.
  • Luke went geocaching with Caleb and had a football jamboree.
  • We all had a bonfire on Tuesday.
  • Breanne hung out with her friend Rebecca before she went to college in Florida.
  • Ben hung out with his girlfriend before she went to Paris for 9 days with her family.
  • Grace stayed at another hotel and did canon balls into the pool with Ben.
  • Julie pierced the second hole in her cartilage – by herself! 
  • Syd went camping.
  • Gabriel took lots of naps this week.
  • Gabriel’s boss gave him a bunch of weightlifting equipment.
  • I thought I was only going to get an hour of Danielle’s time before she goes back to Cyprus but I got to spend the majority of Saturday with her.

Cookies, Vacations, Hotels and more 1D #SimpleLittleSunday

It’s that time of the week again…

Photo on 8-10-14 at 12.22 PM


  • Julia and Leila only have 4 days until vacation.
  • Julia got to use a waterproof camera and take pics of bubbles and stuff underwater.
  • Max is going camping tomorrow.
  • Julie saw 1D at Gillette Stadium with her cousin.
  • Max ran/walked a mile without pain.
  • Grace is going to another hotel for 2 days – she promised to swim in a pool for me.
  • Julia and Leila got to play with adorable bunnies.
  • Gabe went to San Diego and stayed in a resort.
  • Caleb went to Lake Compounce.
  • Caleb spent time with family friends and saw his friend Luke.
  • Christos is going to Dave’s tomorrow.
  • Breanne went to a going away party for a friend and had delicious dip that was made of olives and…stuff.
  • Leila did gymnastics on the beach.
  • Julia found more red ruby stones.
  • Leila made us chocolate chip cookies.
  • Yesterday when I was driving home someone was setting off real fireworks…real fireworks are my favorite!
  • Friday, Dave and I went to use my Groupon (again) for a wine/chocolate tasting at a vineyard but apparently they don’t do tastings during shows (there was a live band). Their compromise was to give us 2 free glasses of wine instead…each. So instead of a few sips of 5 wines, we got a whole bottle for free.
  • I had a great week and even better weekend with Dave (Saturday marked one month) and I’d list everything here, but honestly, every moment I spend with him is a “Simple Little Sunday” moment.

Bees, 1D, Friends and Rabbits #SimpleLittleSunday

I still have an hour and a half to get this in! Yes! We had a big group today, check us out!

Photo on 8-3-14 at 12.19 PM


  • Max can bring a friend camping.
  • Julia’s friend Chloe is here visiting from Cyprus. They went to the mall and had a sleep over.
  • Caleb went to 6 flags twice.
  • Syd is going to see 1D for her birthday (which is tomorrow) and their tickets were in section 333 but they got moved to section 11!
  • Ben went to California to visit family. They were going to go to Santa Monica one day but it was too hot, but then there was a thunder storm and it cooled off, so they could go.
  • Clay got 4 days with Christos (who is also visiting from Cyprus).
  • Julie spent one week with family in Jersey, they went to the beach.
  • Breanne’s trip to Africa was cancelled but the Lord told her that she doesn’t need to go there to be filled and encounter Him, so she’s good.
  • Nico went fishing with his grandfather. He lost his pole at one point and then 5 minutes later his grandfather not only “catches” his pole but there was a fish attached to it!
  • Christos played airsoft. He felt like he was getting shot, but he wasn’t – HE WAS GETTING STUNG BY BEES! The SLS from that? He’s not allergic!
  • Leila went to Six Flags and spent the day with Christi.
  • Reed killed a rabbit and ate it. Why? Because he can.
  • Michael wasn’t there when Reed ate it.
  • Andrew reached max level in League of Legends.
  • Six Flags was Grace’s day. She got in for free, got given the wrong change for something and it was in her favor, got a fresh batch of fried oreos after she dropped hers and ate dinner for free. Talk about favor!
  • Christi went to a party, got to hang by the pool with Natasha and saw a meteor shower.
  • I got something new to do at work this week! It’s not until October, but I don’t care. It’s very exciting.
  • Andrew got new bracelets.
  • The day we went to Six Flags was supposed to have thundershowers, but that didn’t happen.

Why? Because God loves us!