Chicken, Jesus, Music and The Outdoors #SimpleLittleSunday


Julia – got a new shirt, went on a field trip hike to bluff point

Grace – went on a prayer walk. Three people gave their lives to the Lord

Carbones – mom came to church, dad off breathing tube!

Katrina – had the day off Friday and went to a park with her sis

Leila – saw friends she didn’t get to see in a while, won a race against them 😂

Nico – got his first paycheck

Maximillion – got to go to his old elementary school to read to students

2. Only a month and a half of school

3. Canada Dry cured his stomach ache today at youth group

Ben – needed more hours at work and got a bunch more

Christos – On his break at work Christos bought a rotisserie chicken and ate it with his hands with his very chill manager

Reed – started two songs today and didn’t blow it

Tim – went to see one of his favorite bands on Sunday and met the drummer after and he guest listed him to their show on Wednesday

Jess – Bethany, Elizabeth and Zelda are visiting from Florida and came to church today. They were running late but got there JUST in time for me to give them hugs like a mad woman before I led worship. I would’ve been totally distracted if they came in after I started.


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