Sports, Jobs, Birthdays and Spontaneous Gifts #SimpleLittleSunday

– Julie went to visit her dad by herself. They had music playing and there was peace.

– Julia had 3 quizzes this week and she thinks she did very well. And she got to play life size Sorry yesterday. 

– Ben has close to 40hrs at work this week. 
– Reed started at his new job yesterday. 
– Scott was pitching at his baseball game yesterday, he almost got hit, but he didn’t. And they won too. 
– Katrina put her deposit in for college at Eastern. 
– Michaels birthday was yesterday. He’s 15. 
– Breanne’s uncle has been staying with them and he bought them a flatscreen tv. 
– Wendy had her first softball game and hit a home run at her first at bat. 
– Leila got her haircut and got to hang out with Wendy today. 
– I may have found a place where Dave and I can get married that includes EVERYTHING for not that much more than if we did it ourselves. Crazy! 

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