School, Weights, Tips and Tea #SimpleLittleSunday

Photo on 10-4-15 at 12.06 PM

  • Caleb went to New Hampshire and saw his grandparents.
  • Julia has straight A’s so far!
  • Chloe got 100% on her LA test.
  • Gracie got accepted to do a hike/camp in New Hampshire – only 24 students get to go, and she’s one.
  • Livia is finally back at church after a few weeks.
  • Max might be getting sick but he had tea and he feels better so tea is amazing.
  • Ben has been getting more tips at work.
  • Christos got all of Gabriel’s weights.
  • Brittany got 99% on her accounting test.
  • Leila hung out with her friend Flo.
  • Instead of having cheer practice, Nicole had a team dinner.
  • Wendy went to dinner and dessert and hung out with her friends.
  • I survived Mudderella.

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