Silver Linings

When you’re growing up you can’t wait until you’re 16 so you can drive.

Then you can’t wait til you’re 18 so you can buy cigarettes (if you’re into that sort of thing, personally the smell makes me gag).

Then you can’t wait til you’re 21 so you can buy alcohol and gamble (great things we’re putting such weight on, society, well done)

THEN you can’t wait til you’re 24 (I think) so you can rent a car.

What’s left after that? Well, if you ask my grandmother, it’s just death and taxes. How lovely. The only things I can count on happening are death and taxes? Thanks gram. So motivational.

Well, since I didn’t die today (yay!), I did my taxes and I realized something. Usually it’s a depressing thought that I’m not married and don’t have any kids and don’t own a home. But when it comes time for taxes, I can power through them! It’s just me and a car, since I can’t claim my cats as dependents (even though sometimes I feel like I should be able to). Could I get more of my money back if I had some of those other things? Probably. But for the sake of fast-laning taxes I’m happy. Plus I didn’t have to pay this year, so I’m even more happy!

Side note: I just saw something on the news about middle school students snorting Smarties. Seriously? What’s wrong with people these days?

I also figure you can count on weather happening. More specifically: snow (unless you’re blessed to live somewhere like St. Thomas where it’s always 81 degrees and sunny). I still don’t like snow, and I probably never will, but this time I’m actually ok with it. Why? Because I’m home and don’t have to drive in it, I have everything I need for baking something delicious tomorrow and I can stay home and relax, giving my body time to fight off this sickness. Plus I have some work I can do from home, so the day won’t be a total loss. Life is all about the silver lining guys.

You stay safe, New England.