Zucchini Pizza Crust

If your body isn’t the biggest fan of gluten, like mine, I very well may have a great recipe for you. Especially if you’re a pizza lover.

A few years ago I did this crazy detox with a friend of mine. Basically, we at lean meats, veggies, grapefruit, green apples and berries for a few weeks and then slowly added things back in. Every time I added wheat/gluten back in my body freaked out on me. So I’ve been trying my best to stay away from it. It’s not celiac, I can have a little bit, but if I have too much I get what I call a “food baby” and if I STILL keep eating, I get stabbing pains in my abdomen and NOTHING will get them to go away except time. So I try and stay away, plus I just feel better without it.

I’ve gotten over the whole no sandwiches thing (which used to be one of my favorite things to eat) and am generally ok without eating the bread they bring to your table when you go out to eat…unless I’m starving. But pizza is the one thing that I really can’t do without. And cake. I will ALWAYS make an exception for cake haha.

So far I’ve found one pizza place by me that can actually make a good gluten free pizza and I found one pre-made crust at the super market that’s tolerable. But for the most part, they suck. When I came across this recipe I figured it was worth a shot. So here we go…


Zucchini Pizza Crust


This is what theirs looks like


And here’s mine. Not too bad.


And then with toppings. I just put fresh tomato and some mozzarella with some spices. No sauce for me, thanks.


And the moment you’ve all been waiting for….


Looks like pizza…

It’s pretty good! I’d make it again. I’d cook the crust longer though, because you can’t pick up the pizza.



This was basically like eating a ton of cheese with some veggies. We’re not too psyched over here…


Have you made this? How did it work for you?


Something New – #2

OK, claiming this to be a “something new” for this year like I said I wanted to is pretty lame, I’ll give ya that. But I want to see how many new things I can do this year, and everyone has to eat, right? So I promise, this will be the only food post for “something new” this year….unless I try something crazy out there. But let’s be honest, that’ll never happen because I’m not that adventurous with food.

I’ve tried two new recipes in the last week and I loved them both, so I wanted to share.

I found the first one on Pinterest:

Buffalo Chicken Quinoa Salad



So delicious. I changed it up a bit and did half quinoa and half rice (because I only had half a cup of quinoa left) and I used goat cheese instead of bleu (because I think bleu cheese is gross) and I made it into a lettuce wrap. Lemme tell ya, this barely lasted 24 hours and I’m already thinking about when I’m going to make it again. Hot or cold, it’s SO GOOD!

The second I found from a friend on facebook:

Crunchy Cashew Thai Quinoa Salad with Ginger Peanut Dressing



I just made this last night and it was delicious. I brought some for lunch today too. We’ll see how long it lasts. Considering there are so many flavors going on in this one it’ll probably last longer than the buff chick, but not too long.

I love finding new recipes to try because sometimes food can get so boring! I’m constantly finding new things to make on Pinterest (you can use the link to the right to follow me there if you’d like) and when I find the time, I try them out. Sometimes they’re amazing and other times they’re a big ol Pinterest Fail. So in the name of experimentation, I’ve added a new reel to my blog – the Recipe Reel. 

You’re welcome.

Goddaughter Bonding

I may not have any children of my own (yet) but that’s ok, because I’m blessed to have 4 amazing godchildren. 2 boys (Andrew and Isaac) and 2 girls (Leila and Julia) between the ages of 11 and 15 and MAN are they a blast!

Today is Andrew’s 15th birthday so last night I went over their house and baked a secret cake for him with Leila. The kid is obsessed with Monster Energy Drink so we decided to make him a cake that looks like the can and we even flavored the cake and buttercream with Monster. I’m sure he’ll like it, hopefully the rest of us will too! I’ll report back on that tomorrow.

Leila and I both like to bake from scratch and try and not use box mixes whenever possible but last night, it wasn’t possible given our time constraints. As it was, we weren’t done decorating the cake until after 9pm and she still needed to shower and go to bed so she could be up for school today. We did make our own frosting and fondant though, and here’s how:



  • 1 box funfetti cake mix
  • 1 + 1/4 cup Monster Energy Drink

Mix it together and bake like the box says. Super easy.

Buttercream Frosting

  • 3 sticks of room temp butter
  • 1tsp vanilla extract
  • 6 cups confectioners sugar
  • a few spashes of Monster Energy Drink

Beat the butter until it’s smooth; add the vanilla; add the confectioners sugar one cup at a time; add the Monster until you have the right consistency.


  • 1 small bag of mini marshmallows
  • 2tbs water
  • almost a whole bag of confectioners sugar
  • crisco

Put the marshmallows and water in a microwaveable bowl; in 30 second increments heat it up and stir until they’re melted; spread crisco on your work space and cover your hands like it’s lotion; knead the confectioners sugar into the marshmallows until it’s no longer sticky (this works best if you have someone helping so they can add more sugar as needed).

While we waited for the cake to bake and cool we played Threesies (a card game) and regardless of the valiant effort I made, Andrew was still kicking my butt. At this point Julia got home from her school concert with her dad and they took over for us so Leila and I could finish the cake.

Here are some pictures from the night. Enjoy!

ImageLeila making the fondant

ImageI made the buttercream

ImageFINAL PRODUCT!ImageImageLeila made a little tough guy out of fondant

ImageUs with our masterpiece

ImageAnd I had to add a picture of Julia, because she looked so pretty all dressed up for her concert!