Lowdown of a Monday on the Down Low

For the last 5 years or so Monday nights have (for the most part) been dedicated to a little thing I like to call Raucci Monday. A night dedicated to the joy and merriment of myself and my bestie Christine McGuinness and anyone we deemed worthy of crashing a RM. Christine used to be a Raucci until she married the most perfect guy for her this past October, so that’s where the name came from. Plus it has a nicer ring to it than Blaha Monday. Blaha Monday sounds like a drag. Anyway, my partner in crime has officially started Nursing School as of this evening (yay!! so proud of her!!!) so here I sit, home alone on a Monday.

Before you go and feel sorry for me, don’t. I’ve had a very enjoyable evening so far. I started out with some soothing and calm music and about 40 minutes of yoga. I’m still on the beginner levels because I don’t do this often enough to advance on, but I enjoy it…unless I have to do the easy staff pose.

ImageAin’t nothin easy about this pose! 

My ENTIRE body shakes the second I get into it, and the session I did had this pose in it about 8 times. Awful. Absolutely awful. I’m afraid for the regular staff pose if this is what they consider easy. I didn’t cry though, so there’s that! I was trying to be all calm and zen but between the friggin “easy” staff pose and my cats whining outside my door because they wanted to come in, because sometimes they’re more like dogs than cats, I couldn’t fully relax. But they eventually got over it and I was able to finish my sesh in peace.

Then I drew myself a nice detox bath which was made up of 1/2 cup of baking soda and 1 cup of lavender epsom salt and watched an episode of New Girl thanks to Netflix and my iPad. The only thing that would’ve made it better would have been a deep claw-footed tub. Oh man, one of those will be in my dream home for sure. I’d take baths all the time if I didn’t have to contort myself to fit under the water, but I guess that’s where the yoga comes in. I’ll get bendy one of these days.

The calmness of the bath was pretty short lived too, because of Mia, my cat. She somehow got the bathroom door open and decided to pace the edge of the tub while yelling at me and trying to figure out how to sit on my lap and not get wet. Thankfully, she didn’t try too hard, otherwise I’d probably be at the clinic right now due to copious amounts of cat scratches.

Instead, I put on my comfiest of pajamas, made myself some dinner (an egg sandwich, because I’m too lazy to do more than that tonight) and sat down to write this. Sadly, it’s taken me about an hour to formulate this completely unexciting post due to the fact that I thought it’d be a great idea to watch an episode of Chuck at the same time. Lesson learned. Don’t blog while watching TV, even if you don’t have ADD, it’ll show up.

Now, please excuse me while I go find something to snack on and watch How I Met Your Mother.

UPDATE: this was all she wanted