I DIDN’T DIE! But There’s A Good Chance I’m Gonna Get Fat


If you know me, then you know for the past 5 years or so I’ve had a sensitivity to gluten. This came about after a crazy detox that I did – every time I added gluten back into my diet, my body rejected it.

At first I had some people rolling their eyes, thinking I was a bandwagon jumper. But everyone, put your eyes back in your head and facing the right way –

I do not have a sensitivity to gluten

I’m a mutant who can’t process folic acid.

What?! Yeah, it’s true.

A month or so ago, through a series of ridiculous events, I had my blood tested for something called an MTHFR Genetic Mutation, and it came back positive – I’m homozygous C677T. Basically, what this means is that my body can’t transform folic acid into folate (which your body actually needs) like most people, so the folic acid just hangs out in my body as a toxin. And since the FDA requires the US to enrich flours with folic acid (again, supposed to be good) it masked itself as a gluten sensitivity to me.

But now I know the truth!

This is not a blog about the MTHFR mutation. If you’re looking for information, check out www.mthfr.net  

Also, MTHFR – it’s the mother flippin genetic mutation.

Anyway, back to becoming an X-Man.

The good news is that I’m good with gluten. The bad news is that folic acid is in so many things. So while some doors have opened, others have closed, and I need to read the labels on everything because apparently folic acid hides everywhere.

For example, did you know that Tropicana OJ has folic acid added to it? But Stop & Shop OJ doesn’t? Yeah, fun stuff like that.

I can’t go see a doctor until September, so I’ve been doing my own research/experimentation, and using my friend Lynda as a resource (she’s also a mutant and is where I got the crazy idea to be tested in the first place).

My first experiment was to try an organic wheat pasta mac & cheese, because who doesn’t love mac & cheese, and there wasn’t any folic acid in it. I was a little bloated, but blamed that on the cheese part.

The second experiment was to try whole wheat pasta since the only ingredient is stone ground red wheat. I wasn’t shy with it, ate way too much, but was completely fine! I couldn’t believe it!

This Saturday we had the boys and it was time to step it up a notch. They love homemade pizza, so we bought whole wheat flour (again, the only ingredient is the stone ground red wheat) for the dough. And you guys, I DIDN’T DIE!! It was so delicious! I don’t remember the last time I had pizza that wasn’t on a gluten free crust! I couldn’t believe it. No bloating. No pain. Nothing!


So the next step is to buy a bread maker, because guys, if I’m in control of the ingredients of the bread, I can eat it! We just need to pray I don’t get fat, because a whole world of carbs that I haven’t eaten in 5 years just got opened up to me.

And that’s scary.


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