The last…Simple Little Sunday

Well, this is it! My last Sunday with the youth! It’s bittersweet but needed to happen. My grace is up.

When I first took on the youth group, there were 3 kids. 4 when we did our first Simple Little Sunday. My vision and plan was to build a community and a safe place for the youth to grow and question things – as youth often do. And now, 2 years later we’re up to this. Crazy.

Photo on 2-28-16 at 12.22 PM

So without further ado…

  • Alyssa won her dodgeball tournament.
  • Christos received wisdom from the Lord about a flea market in New Haven. He went and realized he can get all sorts of great things.
  • Max is in Chamber Choir! He passed the auditions!
  • Grace went over Chloe’s house and got to watch Caleb do the Ernie dance.
  • Gracie got to see her cousin who lives in Alaska.
  • Chloe got an A+ on her math project and it bumped her up to an A.
  • Julia had to do a group project at school. She got grouped with bad people but they actually got work done.
  • Anna’s older brother is coming home a month early from New Zealand.
  • Tim got a new apartment a mile from his work.
  • Wendy got into all honors classes for next year.
  • Darby got a 90% on her French quiz.
  • Caleb went to Chili Fest and saw a bunch of people, including Bethany.
  • Leila got to pick her schedule and she’s in AP History.
  • Scott aced his social studies test.
  • Michael found a dollar.
  • Reed found a bulldozer with the keys still in it.
  • Josh got new lacrosse gloves from chicago for a good price.
  • Dave came home safe!!!! That’s my Simple Little Sunday.

Now, it’s Tim’s turn to build upon my investment. I’m excited to see where it goes!


2 thoughts on “The last…Simple Little Sunday

  1. Jess I hope this doesn’t mean you won’t be sharing what’s going on in your life anymore!!!!! I love hearing about your everyday stuff. Love Ev

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