At Last, Simple Little Sunday

Photo on 2-14-16 at 12.35 PM #2

  • Caleb went to a friends house and made a bunch of Chinese food.
  • Chloe was asked to lead and be the teacher for the little kid’s class during first service. They talked about how joy is a choice.
  • Max saw a poster about how you should moisturize your skin, drink water and listen to new music while he was doing all 3.
  • Christos hung out with Reed last Sunday and bro-ed out…with Anna.
  • Reed hung out with Christos…and Anna and Ari last Sunday.
  • Julia found a new song to listen to when she’s frustrated – When We Were Young by Adele.
  • Gracie has $13 and she feels like it’s meant for something.
  • Anna got her second holes pierced and she got a ring for Valentine’s Day.
  • Alyssa was really nervous for the talent show but she rocked it.
  • Andrew was driving and hit black ice. He was almost hit but they stopped.
  • Wendy’s mom bought her a purple bracelet and is paying for her to go to Flight.
  • Leila got a rose from Joe.
  • Grace got to eat a cupcake that her mom made for the talent show, before the talent show.
  • Ari got to hang out with Reed, Christos and Anna and she won her soccer game yesterday.
  • Josh watched the dunk competition and it was awesome. He lost his basketball game, but he was ok with it.
  • The day after Dave left for Oregon, we got a ton of wet and heavy snow and I have no idea who to use the snowblower. Also, my car wouldn’t start for a few days. That Saturday (the next day), Michael and Dean came over and snowblowed the driveway for me, and then Reed came over and got my car started. I felt so loved!

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