Concerts, Fairs, Sports and Family Time #SimpleLittleSunday

Photo on 9-27-15 at 12.33 PM

  • Julia’s math teacher is confusing but she is learning and did better on this test. She also is pumped for fall and decorated her room. 
  • Chloe’s friends from Cyprus are visiting and she’s very excited about it.
  • Caleb got to go to the Global Citizen Festival and see a ton of famous people in Central Park.
  • Ben went to the Durham Fair with Brittany. And Jesse Mac is helping him get a job at a solar company.
  • Wendy also went to the Durham Fair with her friend and nephew. She played a basketball and on the first try got a big bear.
  • Alyssa went to the GUILFORD fair and it was kind of boring BUT she was adventurous and went on a really fast ride. She almost fell out but she didn’t.
  • Aaron went on a picnic with his grandparents.
  • Luke went hiking.
  • Scott started basketball season.
  • Christos got promoted from dish washer to bus boy!
  • Reed’s dad got married.
  • Michael bought a 4-wheeler for $200 and sold it for $400.
  • Grace didn’t go to Breanne’s BUT she went up front to worship.
  • Gabriel’s friend came from England and stayed with him for 2 weeks.
  • Remi went to the Big E (he’s visiting us from France).
  • I got to take a selfie with a duck!

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