Family, Dancing, Singing and #dnjdovows #SimpleLittleSunday

Photo on 9-13-15 at 12.11 PM

  • Ben is excited that we have leftover wedding cake for snack. He loves cake.
  • Julia danced in public at the wedding and had so much fun. And she saw her grandparents.
  • Caleb had fried mac and cheese for the first time and it was amazing.
  • Livia’s grandmother’s cat was nice..for once!
  • Max auditioned for and got into the best choir in his school. and his choir director recommended him to another group
  • Leila hung out with her Uncle Fred yesterday
  • Michael got paid $20 to dance with his grandmother.
  • Scott’s family is visiting from California. He doesn’t get to see them often so it’s cool.
  • Reed got a job at Dough on Main.
  • Christos saw Straight Outta Compton and it was great.
  • Nico’s last day of work is Wednesday so he has more free time.
  • Josh was captian on his soccer team.
  • Gracie washed her phone so she gets to get a new one. but she has to pay for it so she has to save up and God is teaching her how to value her things.
  • Grace slept over Breanne’s house.
  • Aaron got into Norwich Tech.
  • Luke got to drive a go-cart that his mom’s friend built.
  • It was supposed to rain on Friday – our wedding day – but it POURED on Thursday instead and Friday was PERFECT!

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