Real or Not Real

I’m getting married in 3 days.



In 3 days.

This is crazy, and in almost no way is it real.

I’m assuming all brides go through this stage, but this is weird. Partially because I didn’t think this would ever happen, as previously stated, but also because part of my job includes event planning.

I’ve been ridiculously organized through this whole process. You should see the spreadsheets and lists diagrams and vendor contact sheets (yes, I said vendor contact sheets) and folders. I’m like a mini version of Leslie Knope with her binders

And what’s more amazing, is that Dave actually LOVES this about me! Glory in the highest, I found a good one!

But because it’s part of my job, I think there’s part of my brain that hasn’t fully connected the fact that yes, this is an “event”, but it’s also OUR event…OUR WEDDING!

I still need to get cups and earrings. And it might rain, so we have to figure that whole mess out (yay for planning an outdoor wedding!) But then there’s nothing left to do but enjoy. If I can figure that out. Oh, and move the rest of my stuff. When we’re supposed to get thunderstorms on Thursday. *cue the eye-roll*


Anyway, I think it will start to get more real tomorrow, when I don’t have to go to work and I can start celebrating. Tomorrow I’ll have a date with Elizabeth and Zelda since she can’t come to the bachelorette, and then in the evening I’ll have my bachelorette with some fantastic ladies. Then Thursday, my mom and I go for mani/pedis and Alex (the hugging cousister) arrives, then there’s the rehearsal.

…and then there’s Friday – THE WEDDING!

If that doesn’t help make things real, I’m not sure what will. So until then, I’ll just continue living here:



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