School, School, School and Family #SimpleLittleSunday

Photo on 9-6-15 at 12.27 PM

  • Leila’s cousins were supposed to move far away but they didn’t and she got to see them yesterday at Walmart
  • Julia started school and she has drama class. She gets nervous performing in front of people so she wasn’t sure about the class, but she loves it!
  • Caleb started school and already had a freshman retreat to Camp Hazen.
  • Ben had a picnic at his aunt’s house and saw his cousins that he hasn’t seen in a long time.
  • Max can finally do a thirds scale. He sang it for us and it’s great.
  • Christos had a solid week and a great day with Adam yesterday. They fed 15 people with 2 boxes of mac and cheese! Loaves and fishes, people – loaves and fishes.
  • Nico also had a great first week of school.
  • Alyssa actually likes her teachers this year.
  • Livia was helping her mom feed the cat outside. The sprinkler was on and should have hit her, but it didn’t.
  • Adam ALSO likes all his teachers AND he has two classes with Christos.
  • Josh’s dad bought the family tickets to the International LAX Championship Game in NYC.
  • Dave and I have been getting blessed right and left for our wedding. People we barely know or don’t talk to often or don’t walk closely with have been coming out of the woodwork and knocking our socks off. It’s been amazing.

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