Amusement Parks, Vacations, Fairs and A Smelly Table #SimpleLittleSunday

Our table smells. Ben and Christos cleaned it. It still smells...

Our table smells. Ben and Christos cleaned it. It still smells…

  • Caleb went to six flags and it was pouring rain the entire way there but an hour after they got there it stopped and they day was beautiful. And he had his first Chick-Fil-A experience.
  • Chloe is getting over her fear of rollercoasters
  • Grace went to Quassy on friday and it rained the whole way there and it stopped when they got there.
  • Alyssa got work boots.
  • Julia went on a shopping spree with Chloe and went to Ocean City on vacation and she got a tan.
  • Leila also went to Ocean City and went to the beach every day with her friends from PA.
  • Max went camping and to choir camp and his parents are allowing him to read Harry Potter. Guys, this is huge. And his voice is changing.
  • Breanne probably just hung out with friends. Got ice cream.
  • Julie’s friend surprised her before she left (she lives in MA).
  • Katrina had her last day of work for the summer!
  • Ben went the Hamburg faire.
  • Christos got a new knife.
  • Gracie went to the DMV so her mom is allowed to drive her new car which means that Gracie isn’t scrunched in the back of a car.
  • I had my hair and makeup trial on Saturday and then had my final dress fitting so I basically felt like a princess. It was amazing.

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