Phones, Crates, Tubing and Sneaky Snacks #SimpleLittleSunday

Photo on 8-16-15 at 12.12 PM

Gracie’s duct tape bag and our sneaky snack

  • The crate with all the Ellinas stuff came in from Cyprus.
  • Michael went to Maine with some friends and went tubing.
  • Ben scheduled his placement test for his college courses.
  • Gracie has been making money off of duct tape purses.
  • Max got through the worship service without Caitlin.
  • Chloe went tubing with her cousin in New Hampshire and she taught a puppy how to swim.
  • Caleb went to Starbies with one of his friends and got a cup of whipped cream for free.
  • Alyssa got a new phone.
  • Reed helped unpack the crate from Cyprus.
  • Scott’s dog swam for the first time and she didn’t die.
  • Julie’s dad came home!!
  • Breanne had her first s’more of the summer and met someone from Gateways. God has freeing her from shame. woo!
  • Grace went to Breanne and Julie’s house again and ate banana bread.
  • Wendy made her friend a birthday cake and surprised her with it.
  • Katrina didn’t think that she’d be able to spend time with her 3 roommates from college before it started, but she did.
  • Dave and I went up to Cambridge to see a musical on Tuesday. It was raining all day and we figured we’d get stuck in crazy amounts of traffic, because, Cambridge. But the rain stopped and we hit zero traffic. And the show was fantastic! 
  • we all were blessed with snack from the little class…they very sneakily brought it in for us. Apparently they’re learning about spies, so she was a spy and brought us cookies. We like cookies.

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