Vacations, Vacations, Vacations #SimpleLittleSunday

Photo on 8-9-15 at 12.06 PMFirst of all, for those of you who don’t know, these two knuckleheads had a beanbag chair fight last week. Ben fought the light. He won.

So yes, we broke a light – but it was just the bulb! And as far as Youth Group destruction goes, this wasn’t that bad! I mean, really. When I was in youth group we put a hole in the sanctuary wall! This is nothin’

On that note…

  • Grace went to Medieval Times with her family.
  • Wendy took Leila to her lake house in Maine for vacation.
  • Max went to NY for a family member’s wedding and he got to see a lot of his Dad’s family and his little nephew. And his sister took him to the mall for his birthday and he got a Supernatural pocket watch. Family time is the best.
  • Julia made a youtube channel and her first video has 109 views. She also got to explore New Hampshire with her step mom and step sister.
  • Gracie went to VA Beach with her family. 
  • Christos went to Cornfield point beach with Gabe, Christi and Lionique. There were kayaks and paddle boards that weren’t locked up so he used one. 
  • Alyssa went to New Hampshire and even though it rained all week she still got to go quading.
  • Leila went to Maine with Wendy and they went tubing and to a fair. They got a caricature.
  • Breanne’s favorite show is coming back – Prison Break (Christos is also pumped about this!)
  • Julie got accepted to Bethel Supernatural School of Discipleship. 
  • Ben went to the Gelston House for their 3rd anniversary. AND Subway called him and said they are firing the manager and want him to be the new one!
  • I had a crazy week at work and had to walk between the our building and another numerous times. Not once, during any of that time, was there even cloudy weather – nothing but a brightly shining sun. I was pretty annoyed as it was, and if it was raining I would’ve been down right miserable. 

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