#SexySelfieSunday #SimpleLittleSuday

Photo on 8-2-15 at 12.13 PM

  • Julia went to Vegas for work and brought back gifts for them all.
  • Caleb went to see Mission Impossible with his dad and Gabriel last night.
  • Alyssa got to see her mom for the first time in 2 months.
  • Nico went to the worship team party last night.
  • Breanne had a great day on Thursday – she saw her friend she hasn’t seen in a while and found out her dad is coming home August 13th which is earlier than they thought.
  • Ben quit Subway, it wasn’t a good place so he got out.
  • Grace went shopping and got a new outfit, just because.
  • Julie hung out with her friend a couple days ago, they went to the mall and then Starbucks. She paid for her friend. they didn’t have enough and the barista told them to not worry about it. 
  • Christos had friends over and they played poker – he won – but they didn’t gamble. It’s ok.
  • A very nice barista at Starbucks in Glastonbury gave me the employee discount for no reason and I got my drink for half price!

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