Travel, Work, Food and Six Flags

– Wendy got over her fear of roller coasters at Six Flags.

– Julia’s dad and Angela came home from their honeymoon and they all got presents.

– Chloe’s cousins came over.

– Ben got more hours at Subway.

– Christos got more hours than Ben at Pizza Works.

– Grace didn’t die at Six Flags.

– Reed got a car.

– Breanne and Grace were in line for food at six flags and the lady tried to give them a discount. It didn’t work. But it’s the thought that counts.

– Tim’s friend is in a band that got big and he got to go see them for free.

– Luke went to Subway for the first time with his mom.

– Julie got treated to froyo by Breanne.

– Leila got to hang out with Emma all day.

– Caleb went tag saleing (is that even how you spell that?) and he got a new mug.

– Scott went to NYC and saw Blue Man Group.

– TJ got here safely.

– Alyssa got mints yesterday. She loves mints.

– Brittany is seeing her friend from Utah tomorrow. 

– Lorraine works with someone who likes to say the F-word a lot. She doesn’t like that. The woman got moved so she doesn’t have to listen to it anymore!

– I got everything for our invitations and got crazy discounts on them as well! 

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