Simple Little Update

Some of you may have noticed that I didn’t write a Simple Little Sunday post yesterday. Well, we didn’t have youth group on Sunday because Teen Challenge came to our church and I thought it would be good for the youth to hear from them.

So in lieu of that post, I figured I’d give you an update on my life instead. With a few of my own Simple Little Sunday’s tossed in there.

I’m almost afraid to put this out there,

engagement announcement

but wedding plans are ACTUALLY coming together! Finally! We have a tent, tables, chairs, and a dance floor; we confirm with the caterer in 2 days and he supplies EVERYTHING including chicken parm 🙂 and fried mac & cheese; flowers are all set; we ordered our rings; we have a DJ thanks to my dad; 90% of our clothes are purchased; short of plane tickets and a rental car, our honeymoon is pretty much set; we put an engagement announcement in the paper (mainly because I wanted to cut it out and keep it); my work wife has everything she needs to get under way with decor.

Guys, I LOVE checking things off of a list! All we have left are dress fittings, drinks, cake and invitations! Holy crap! Oh, and we need to solidify locations. But that’s a minor detail, right? 😉

Speaking of my work wife, I got to have a date with her yesterday!

work wife date

She no longer works with me, but she’ll always be my work wife! For almost 9 years I spent 40 hrs (sometimes more) a week with this woman. I probably did life with her more than anyone else in my life, and that’s the biggest adjustment. It’s been a couple weeks and I still find myself walking into our my office ready to tell her everything that happened since the last time I saw her. The day after she left I rearranged the office and spread everything out – it was too depressing to see the emptiness of her half.

We have to make more of an effort now, but she’s totally worth it. Gosh I miss her.

I taught Reed how to drive stick.

driving reed

Don’t let the picture fool you, he loved it. And he did great! He just needs to remember that he has to pay attention to what he’s doing or he’ll stall. Heck, I still stall sometimes because I’m not paying attention haha.

He did kill a squirrel though…and I yelled at him for it…and he laughed…he’s such a boy. I didn’t see the poor lifeless body on the road though so I was afraid it was dragging underneath my car, but he checked when we got home and there were no squirrel bits hanging. Thank God!

I’ve got some pretty awesome SLS’s too.

3 or 4 years ago I had a minor surgery done, about 2 years ago I got new glasses, and about a year ago I served at a Women’s Conference at my church. Well, within the last 2 weeks I got a check from Yale for $20 and a check from Lens Crafters for $40 because they somehow overcharged me, and apparently JUST NOTICED IT NOW. And I got a check from the Women’s Conference too!

You guys. Money, literally, just showing up in my mailbox.

And then today I went to submit a $25 fee to my FSA (a pre-tax dollar account I have set up for medical expenses) and saw that I had other receipts I hadn’t submitted yet. Totaling almost $200. What?!

Any concern I had about paying for the wedding is out the window. God’s got this. And He’s got us.

And best of all, in 74 days, I get to call this guy my husband!


Not only that, but he comes with 3 amazing boys!

Some may call it insta-family; I call it insta-destiny.


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