I Get It

The further I get into this whole wedding planning process, the more I understand why people elope. Now, I’m not saying that’s what we’re going to do, I’m just saying that some days it seems REAL tempting.

Let’s look at the perks:

1. We’d save a butt-load of money

Aside from the fact that we’ve already dropped about $5000, we would save a considerable amount of money. Money that would be put to great use when we need to buy a house…which won’t take long. 2 adults + 3 teenage boys + 1 bathroom? You do the math…

2. Ease of planning

Think about it, we’d be planning a flippin awesome trip for 2 as opposed to an event for 150. And who doesn’t like planning vacations? Crazy people. That’s who. Event planning is for work. Literally.

3. Less stress on everyone

This is how I feel about 80% of the time

Dave and I get stressed about pretty much everything. My girls get stressed about HOW to throw me a shower when we’re not registered for anything (we pretty much have everything we need), and WHEN to throw me a shower (they’re literally split 50/50 on availability). Our families are stressed about the timeline. And I’m sure the list goes on.

4. We wouldn’t have to worry about showing favoritism

I mean…seriously

But then we come to the downside…there’s always a downside:

1. I still want a shower

Even though it seems silly, I still want one. Granted, it won’t look like you’re traditional shower, since there won’t be the whole “gift opening” deal, but let’s be honest – that’s the most tedious part of showers, anyway! I’m sorry, but there is no game that you can play that will make that time more interesting. There just isn’t. It’s more important for me to spend time with people and have a relaxing afternoon – play some games, eat some food, just enjoy the company and not worry about everything that needs to get done. 

If I’m going to be the center of attention, I want it to be because people are loving on me, not because I’m opening a bunch of presents they don’t care about.

2. It takes a village

As much as I know people are stressed out, I also know that I’ve been blessed to be surrounded by people who want to serve and help out. Even though I put it on myself to be a part of everything, and help, and give ideas, and DO, I know there are people I can (and have, and will) call upon to help out. And I know they will without batting an eye. Our friends are just that amazing. And I need to relax and step back and let others do for me (a lesson I’m sure I’ll still be learning when I’m 90).

3. This is the biggest one – We wouldn’t be able to share that day and moment in our lives with everyone we love

Isn’t that the whole point of a wedding? To declare your love for each other in front of friends and family and then celebrate said love with everyone? Not to mention, his boys are a big part of the day and if we elope, it takes them out. And that’s just not acceptable.

So for all the stress, and chaos, and tears, and screams, I know it will be worth it. When our day is here (in 86 days – holy crap!) I’m confident we’ll be happy with our decisions. I’m sure we’ll look back on this time and say “It was worth it. All that ridiculousness was worth it.”

But probably more accurately:



3 thoughts on “I Get It

  1. YES, YES, YES…..”you get it”…..I speak peace, love, joy, divine health, light, glory into the middle of chaos, stress & mysteries. Spirit rules!!! I am happy to help in any and all ways!!!

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