Field Trips, Family Returns, The End of School and Friends #SimpleLittleSunday

– Julia got a new summer shirt. And she has more time to audition for swing choir and acapella

– Max’s choir final is tomorrow and it’s his last final. And he got into Caroling Choir

– Christos went to NYC with a friend

– Breanne is excited because her brother Vinnie came home

– Leila had 3 field trips this past week and she got to be partners with her friend

– Julie was exempt from almost all her finals so she’s basically done with school

– Ben got more hours at work

– Gracie knows Julia so she isn’t alone at a new church

– Ashton hung out with his girlfriend all day. They went to the lake and then out to dinner

– Katrina got her yearbook and she’s excited to relive the memories

– Adam got a laptop for his birthday

– Nico is almost done with school

– Reed is playing at Platwood Park today

– As for me, when I started Simple Little Sunday we were only a group of 5. Look at us now!


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