A Day Late, But Not a Buck Short #SimpleLittleSunday

Julia – Got a haircut she really likes

Alyssa – Went mini golfing at Saybrook point

Leila – Had a school Formal and went to Harkness Park and took pictures with her friends and lost her voice from screaming joyously

Grace – Had fun sleeping over her sister’s house

Max – His school project right now is making songs accapella and his group is doing a mashup of “Sweet Dreams” and “The Hanging Tree”

Friday was his sister’s bday

Cassandra’s older sister is coming in two days

He cleaned his room and it’s the cleanest it’s ever been

Christos – Went on a really good Bmx ride

Ben – Got some hot new kicks

Tim – Had a rest beach day at Hammonasset and it was peaceful and wonderful

And I got to spend the weekend at a DIVE Reunion with some amazing women and THEN got to visit with friends I haven’t seen in 3 years. So blessed. SO crazy. SO TIRED! But totally worth it.


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