Shoes, Birthdays, Parties and Summer #SimpleLittleSunday

Photo on 5-24-15 at 12.16 PM

  • Julia’s art teacher complimented her and said her drawings are really accurate and she should keep working at it.
  • Leila went to Lake Compounce with her friends on Friday. She also had her last band concert ever. 
  • Max and his family are having a party after church today.  Also, he was cleaning his room and found his Sax (lol) and played it for a while.
  • Nico’s birthday is next Friday. He’ll be 18!
  • Tiffany ALSO went to Lake Compounce and had a great time on the bus with an inch worm.
  • Ben got new Gucci shoes for $80.
  • Christos went mini golfing yesterday and got 2nd place next to a guy who actually golfs.
  • Grace entered a contest for Medieval Times and won! And she went to DQ with Breanne last Sunday.
  • Katrina had her last dance recital last night. It was sad but fun. And she received scholarships for school.
  • Julie repierced her triages by herself. Ouch.
  • Adam played mini golf for free thanks to Christos.
  • Reed’s school is ending soon.
  • Breanne had a nice family party.
  • Wendy went to the batting cages and she was better than her friend Matt.
  • I got my dress!

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