Shoes and Sports #SimpleLittleSunday 


– Julia got new shoes and tomorrow she’s getting some of her pictures printed tomorrow. 

– Wendy’s brother is getting married and she’s going to be a bridesmaid and she got 3 home runs: a single, a double and a grand slam! The final score was 34-10. Crazy! She gets to go on a boat tomorrow for Project O.

– Leila got to hang out with 2 friends she never sees and they went shopping and got their formal dresses. And Emma slept over. 
– Grace went shopping and got ice cream for 66 cents. 
– Ben is getting new shoes today. 
– Emma celebrated Mother’s Day this weekend, slept over Leila’s and has her play this weekend. Charlie and the chocolate factory. She’s an Oompa Loompa. 
– Brittany had a crew race and came in second. 
– Breanne had prom this weekend and had fun. 
– Reed got to play electric guitar today. 
– I got to work from church this week and run sound for the conference. 

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