Jobs, Vacation, Movies and Support #SimpleLittleSunday

Photo on 4-19-15 at 11.56 AM

  • Nico got a job! He’s a cashier at Stop & Shop. He starts tomorrow.
  • Thanks to spring break, Max was able to visit his sister and play a lot of video games. His favorite song came on the TV when he least expected it.
  • Julia went to the Lisbon movie theater to see Mall Cop 2 – she smiled the whole time. She also cleaned the house for 2.5hrs to get money for the ticket, but her dad paid for the movie so she got to go shopping at the mall.
  • Julie went to NYC with her dad on Tuesday and went to an art museum. She’s also overwhelmed with the love and support from everyone.
  • Leila’s friend Tiffany was supposed to be gone for all of vacation but she came back early so they got to hang out.
  • Grace went to her niece’s 4th birthday party.
  • Brittany joined the crew team.
  • Breanne and her Nana got passes for free parking at the hospital. They had to get pictures with security, her Nana is so short she’s barely in the picture! Laughter is great.
  • Reed bought a new guitar neck.
  • Ben got to see Brittany today.
  • God has really been showing me, this week, that no matter who is against me, I have a whole army/family of people behind me. I agree with Julie’s words: it’s overwhelming.

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