Schools, Sports, Jobs and Freedom #SimpleLittleSunday

Photo on 4-12-15 at 12.19 PM

  • Julia hung out with me yesterday. And she’s on spring vacation.
  • Max hung out with Cassandra and play video games. His parent’s also let him turn the sunroom into a hangout room, he’s allowed to burn his incense there.
  • Breanne went on a field trip to the American Museum of Natural History. Her favorite part was going to the different “people groups” to see their artifacts from their day.
  • Christos had his first LAX game – they got creamed but he scored. They lost their second game too, but there is hope! He also passed math! 
  • Julie had a quiz in English, she got 100 but everyone else (other than her and someone else) failed. She also got to spend the week with her grandparents.
  • Katrina had her last pep rally of her high school career on Friday and she visited Champlain College. She found out she didn’t really like it, but that’s a great thing to know!
  • Ben got high honors again…but what else is new. Smarty pants.
  • Reed got a job at FTD.
  • Nico is developing a video game – it’s pretty sweet and will be available online when it’s done.
  • Grace went fishing. They didn’t catch any fish but her sister caught some men’s underwear haha! Always a trip with this girl.
  • Michael went dirt bike riding this weekend.
  • Leila’s culinary teacher didn’t think she could cook (totally redonk) but she proved her wrong.
  • Besides getting engaged! I got an extra slice of bacon when I went out to breakfast one day and while we were in California I saw ducks almost everywhere we went. In case you didn’t know, ducks are my favorite.
  • And coming to us from Cyprus, Caleb has one to share! He said that he went to a worship service at the Gateways Beyond base. Basically, long story short, the youth were called up to sing and he wound up taking the mic and praying for a bunch of people! He said he felt so free! WOOHOO!

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