Leila’s Party, Dirt Bikes, Tips and Love #SimpleLittleSunday

Photo on 3-29-15 at 12.03 PM

  • Wendy went to Leila’s party.
  • Leila had her birthday party yesterday and she had all her friends come over.
  • Max got a new phone. He also went to a professional jazz concert at his school to raise money for new guitars for his school. 
  • Julia got 107% on her Europe test. She got to inhale helium and sound like Minnie Mouse.
  • Tiffany at lots of food at Leila’s party.
  • Christos started LAX practice.
  • Nico will be doing sound by himself next week! He also had a Spanish quiz – half the class flunked it but he got an A. 
  • Breanne gets to talk to her brother who’s been in Israel for a month. Her car had no gas and her car was freaking out but then she had a half tank.
  • Michael got a new dirt bike and a hunting license.
  • Julie went to an Ariana Grande concert.
  • Grace ALSO went to Leila’s party. It was fun. they played manhunt in the snow.
  • Katrina got loved on by a preschooler 
  • Ben got $15 in tips. Apparently they tip at Subway.
  • Emma was ALSO at Leila’s party and she slept over AND SHE’S HERE!
  • Reed got gum from Max. And the acoustic was restrung by Jesse for him.
  • I had a crazy encounter with God yesterday. I’ll write all about it tomorrow in a separate post. He’s just so good.

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