Story Time With Grace, Daylight Savings and #SimpleLittleSunday

Photo on 3-8-15 at 12.34 PM

  • Julia was sick but got better and has 2- B+ and the rest A’s. She’s working on getting all A’s. She’s also going to have another sleep over with Shannon, the girl she’s been friends with for a long time.
  • Leila’s last class with her worst teacher is Wednesday. She also got her dress for her dad’s wedding. She has also been friends with Emma and Caleb for 10 years.
  • Julie went to visit her grandparents. 
  • Grace’s family is training their dogs. 
  • Ben is getting his debit card tomorrow!
  • God is teaching Breanne to live in the moment.
  • Max’s sister found a book about how to write better so he started writing a story. He also really felt the presence of the Lord today and wants to go to Impact CT. 
  • We all got to enjoy story time with Grace (and reactions from Ben) – peaches are gross when they have worms in them. Oprah is black because she drinks green tea. Ben wrote a story about saving his mom from zombies. Her dad (in a deep voice) is getting them dresses. Julia is invited to Leila’s party. Don’t get her started on Bill Nye. She had a scary dream about her sister dying in her sleep – it wasn’t real. Her hair smells like chimneys. One time she burned a snake and the eyes changed colors. Ben dissected a snake that was preggers but he didn’t want to be a mother to them. One time she tried to pick up ice and fell. One time she went sledding and they fell over and she laughed so hard she peed on her dad. Her mom told her to “come out of the closet” (which apparently means “tell the truth”). 
  • I have a gaggle of deer near my office. 

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