Movies, Jobs, Guitars and Bobble Heads #SimpleLittleSunday

Photo on 2-22-15 at 12.14 PMPlease forgive our picture today…it’s blurry. We’re blurry bobble heads.

  • Grace went to the dollar store before church and got a bunch of valentines day candy for 25 cents and she cleans 3 houses now.
  • Ben starts working at Subway tomorrow.
  • Christos started working at Olympia Sports yesterday.
  • Max got new headphones, found a Pokemon miniseries on Hulu and went to first Saturday drama rehearsal.
  • Julia reconnected with a friend who she hasn’t seen in 3 years.
  • Leila got to hang out with Tiffany all weekend again and saw The Duff this weekend for free.
  • Reed’s new guitar and shirt came!
  • Michael passed the final for the hunter safety course.
  • Wendy went to the movies with her friends to see McFarland (The Mexican Running Movie). Yeah, I had to google that because no one new the title, hence “our” title in parenthesis.
  • Breanne got to hang out with old friends and on Friday her dad got ribs…to eat…they’re her favorite.
  • Julie had good things happen.
  • I was sick Friday and Saturday so Dave got me an FBI SWAT Agent bobble head! I call him BobbleDave. I love bobble heads. Also, along with being sick, I still went to worship practice and still led this morning. The second (both times) I opened my mouth to sing I felt better! And THEN at the end of class Reed gave me a homemade bobble head (out of an old Youfie and a balloon haha) but his head deflated before we left church 😦
Grace, Breanne and I wish you a Happy Little Sunday!

Grace, Breanne and I wish you a Happy Little Sunday!


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