Shopping, Shopping and more Shopping…with a few Sports #SimpleLittleSunday

Photo on 2-8-15 at 12.18 PM

  • Breanne slept over friends house Sunday to Monday. But then it snowed so she got to stay til Tuesday. DSO: Double Sleep Over!
  • Leila got to hang out with Tiffany all weekend! They went shopping for clothes and went to see Project Almanac. She said that worship was real good today! And her concert got postponed so I can go! Yay!
  • Tiffany’s brother is finally getting a haircut! Glory hallelujah (I guess) and she tried on prom dresses for fun. Tiffany also had hiccups during worship and they hurt, but they stopped by the time we had class.
  • Julia went clothes shopping and rollerskating with Angela and Cienna. Then they went through boxes in the basement and she got to keep cool stuff. She also was feeling sad before church and asked God to help her feel happy – and then He did!
  • Max went to East Lyme HS for a concert with the ELHS choir. He was told he looked good in what he was wearing (Max is Back in Black – MIB) and he’s learning Japanese. 
  • Christos overall had a banging week. OS won shorelines and he’s apparently a beast at handball.
  • Benny Boy found a drivers ed school he wants to go to.
  • Grace went shopping and out to eat with her family.
  • Julie ordered a prom dress online without trying it on and it actually fits!
  • This huge meeting that I work every year was in NYC this year and not Orlando (sadness) but I didn’t have to do nearly as much work as I usually do, which was awesome. And then when I got home I had a letter in the mail with an early inheritance from my grandmother. She wanted us to have it before she dies. Her words, not mine.

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