Snow, Track, Family and the Super Bowl #SimpleLittleSunday

Photo on 2-1-15 at 12.15 PM

  • Max was reunited with an old friend.
  • Julia basically had a snow week and got to go sledding. And apparently she gets extra credit for that.
  • Julie has been blessed with a good family.
  • Breanne got joy from watching her dad figure out how to use his new iPhone.
  • Ben gets to go to Brittany’s house for the Super Bowl.
  • Reed says it’s Super Bowl Sunday!
  • Andrew got a lot of sleep one night when he usually only gets 4 hours and started drivers ed.
  • Christos had his first track meet and qualified for Shorelines in the 600.
  • I went to Patrick’s graduation! i’ll write more about that tomorrow but it was amazing.
  • Michael played airsoft yesterday.
  • Leila made us cupcakes and they are life changing.

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