Driving, Jobs, Family and Music #SimpleLittleSunday

Photo on 1-25-15 at 12.13 PM

  • Nico’s midterms are over! And he’s going to be taking music composition because  he finished sound recording.
  • Max just over all had a good week and started play practice.
  • Christos biked to church this morning and didn’t die.
  • Julia cleaned her room and got money to go to 5 Below and get a microscope for her phone.
  • Ben starts working at Subway this week.
  • Breanne got to spend family time with her Nana and cousin.
  • Julie got a uke!
  • Tiffany got to stay at Leila’s since Friday.
  • Leila got to hang out with Emma 3 times this week and me on Wednesday.
  • Andrew drove for the first time – apparently he’s a baller G.
  • Reed broke a string on his guitar before serivce today, but Jesse brought his as a backup so he could still play!
  • I was GOING to say that my SLS was that we haven’t had a bad winter this year and the Nor’Easter we had this weekend only dumped an inch of snow. BUT I woke up this morning and we’re supposed to get get DUMPED on with like 1-2 feet. Sooo I guess I’m just excited that we didn’t get a lot last week.

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