Honors, HIGH Honors, Sports and Christos #SimpleLittleSunday


  • Leila took a field trip to see Selma with her school. She learned a lot AND had fun.
  • Andrew’s dad is paying for half of whatever car he buys.
  • Max’s midterms ended! He thinks he did well. He went for a walk and had 2 hours of bonding time with Steven, his sister’s friend’s boyfriend.
  • Ben got high honors.
  • Someone filled in for Julie on Thursday so she could take her brother to the airport. He left for the same school in Cyprus that Gabriel went to.
  • Wendy is playing East Lyme today in basketball – they’re rivals.
  • Julia learned how to made candy yesterday.
  • Breanne went to get cannoli with Vinny before he left. Yesterday she got super lost and didn’t know how to get home. Whenever she would question which way to turn, God would tell her where to go and she got home!
  • Tiffany and Leila got froyo and tried on ugly dresses at the mall. She was also blessed with a dress that Leila bought her – not an ugly one 🙂
  • Christos was allowed out of Cyprus and moved back here! Yay!
  • Brittany passed Civics midterm.
  • Taylor got high honors for the first time.
  • Grace got to babysit her niece, who thought she was her mom.
  • “Christos came back!” – Reed
  • I got to shoot the Walther PPK yesterday and got to spend the whole day with Dave, Reed, Michael, Scott and Christos. On Friday I had to go to NYC for work but the shoot wasn’t until 2pm so I got to sleep in.

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