IT’S WENDY’S BIRTHDAY! #SimpleLittleSunday

Photo on 1-4-15 at 12.14 PM

  • TODAY IS WENDY’S BIRTHDAY!!!!!!! Legit teenager here, folks!
  • Wendy got a surprise trip to FLIGHT
  • Julie had a great first day at her job
  • Julia had another Christmas and got markers and a sketchpad
  • Max finally got over the crush he’s had since 3rd grade
  • Breanne hung out with friends on NYE
  • Tiffany got to watch Leila go crazy in the car – apparently she was dancing and hit head really hard.
  • Leila went to Boston for NYE with her bestie and then she went to flight and the mall – all for free!
  • Grace had a NYE party and they had a ton of food
  • Brittany threw the shot-put 13.9 feet – which was better than last time she threw it for track
  • Ben and Brittany have been together for 2 years and 5 months this coming Tuesday
  • Nico is getting an iPad mini 2
  • Andrew opened a bank account so he can save up for his car and drivers ed
  • Gabriel got to see Jaya!
  • Reed joined the worship team!
  • Julia got to go to a cool places in Maine: Ben & Jerry’s, an outlet mall, LLBean and she got two rocks from a souvenier shop
  • I got extra days off of work thanks to my amazing management and had legit time off. No one bothered me, I didn’t have to work, I didn’t even have to look at my email. It was delightful.
  • And leila made us cake!
  • IMG_2190

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