2014: The Year of Jessica – Completely

Not to be confused with 2014: The Year of Jessica – Halfway…ish

It’s been about a year since I started this crazy journey of blogging and I think one of the best things I’ve discovered is that you can go back and read everything. I realize this is why people write in journals, but I tried that and failed. Miserably.

Being the last day of 2014, I decided to go back and read what I wrote on the last day of 2013. There were a lot of things that happened that year and a lot of things I wanted to do this year that didn’t happen. Let’s recap, shall we?

1. I wanted to travel more.

Well, I went to Cyprus and had an amazing time. So I get a gold star for that one!


2. I wanted to do more things that scared the crap out of me.

Nope. Not really.

3. I wanted to become a runner.

I did two 5k’s and had a blast. So we’re up to 2 gold stars!

4. I wanted get my own place.

Nope. Not at all. But this is actually a blessing because I’ve been able to save a lot of money.

5. I wanted to release my first CD.

HA! Not even close!

6. I thought about auditioning for The Voice

Nope. Didn’t do that either

7. I wanted to go back to eating healthy and actually use my gym membership

Eh. I’ll give myself half a star for this. I did a lot of running/jogging in the summer. So 2.5 stars

8. I wanted to keep up with this blog

Well, if it weren’t for Simple Little Sunday that wouldn’t have happened. But I’ll still give myself a star. We’re up to 3.5 stars.

9. I wanted to be ok with the fact that a lot of these may not have happened.

I should get 10 stars for that, because I really am ok!

10. I decided that 2014 was going to rock my socks off.

Big 10-4 on that one! This has definitely been a great year. I’ll give myself another 10. Because I’m generous like that.

So that’s a total of 23.5 stars for 2014. Not too shabby!

So what made 2014 so special?

January marked my 31st birthday and it was phenomenal! My birthday was on a Wednesday so I didn’t expect anyone to want to go out but when I decided I was going to an open mic night, friends from all different circles came and surprised me! Even my boss was there!

February I was part of another Shoreline NOW, had some revelations about faith and love and went shooting for the first time with the man who would eventually steal my heart.

In March I thought it was a great idea to stalk my ex on Facebook. It was not. I also thought it was a great idea to try oil pulling. It was not. I said goodbye to three and a half of my friends (the half was Zelda…she was still cooking) and somehow pulled it together to lead worship their last Sunday. You wanna talk about God being your strength when you’re weak? Or what a sacrifice of praise is? Yeah. This also was the time when I “temporarily” began leading the youth group, a position I’ve completely accepted with a happy and full heart. I love those kids!

April brought about Cyprus, which I touched on above. I need to get back there, it’s on the list for this year. Those mountains are calling my name!

May started our Simple Little Sunday tradition, which is one of my favorite things. I also decided that I was truly ok with being single, and I liked it. Did life look how I expected it to? Nope. But I was fine with it, because life is an adventure. I also had the opportunity to speak at my church on the whole waiting process.

What am I thinking about here? Who knows…

A month later, in June, I started to become not ok with life again. Not that I was upset about anything, I was just BORED. Ironic, right? I just spoke about how waiting is a good thing and now I can hardly deal with it. So I changed a few things. And it worked pretty well. I also got to spend some quality time with my ladies (and a still-cooking Zelda)

July was when my life really started picking up and the whole bus stop thing that I talked about in May was finally changing. It started with me going to this guy’s house the day before I was actually invited, because I’m good like that. Guys, if I can tell you anything that I’ve learned in 2014 it would be this: sometimes mistakes turn into the best things that happen. Because guys, this happened:


And as if July didn’t bring enough excitement, I got to see Sara Bareilles live again! And then hang out in Boston! And then see my little cousins! Guys. July freakin rocked!

August brought us Zelda Florence!

September brought the first wedding I sang in, as well as me trying to figure out how to write when I’m happy. That’s still a work in progress. I also got to dabble in painting while drinking, and I must say, I’m not too shabby! I also got to visit Elizabeth, Zack and Zelda in sunny Florida.

October brought more dates with my love, his birthday, my work wife’s birthday and Halloween.

November my friend Jesse Mac won the election for State Rep! I was so stinkin proud of him, you have no idea! I sang in my second wedding and was able to stand by two of my friends as they vowed to love one another until the end of time. We also had Friendsgiving, Thanksgiving and a road trip to pick up furniture from my grandmother’s house. November was busy.

But not as busy as December. Christmas parties galore (SWAT, My Julie’s, FBI, my girls, Xplore, youth group), actual Christmas Eve and Christmas Day, trying to find time to get everything done, eating too much food and spending time with people I love.  I also had to say goodbye to my friend Patrick, who went into Navy boot camp at the beginning of the month, and in less than a week I have to say goodbye to his wife. Goodbyes suck, but I know these two are friends for life, so I’m not worried about it. And I got to add Jaya Love to my life! She’s so perfect I can’t stand it! I mean, LOOK at her!


All in all, as you can see, 2014 really did rock my socks off. I have no idea what 2015 will bring but it can only go up from here. Thanks to everyone who made this year so special, and here’s to man many more!


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